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So upset

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We might have to try and find Joey a new home..I haven't confronted my mom about it yet..but I'm feeling really upset right now because we had another incident of Joey attacking my dad. I'm sick of my dad handling the wrong why by smacking him and me having to comfort Joey. I tried to tell my mom to tell my dad to stop hitting him but he won't listen. I've told my dad many other ways to handle the situation but he never does it. I'm sick of seeing Joey get smacked like that and knowing I can't do anything about it. I don't know what else to do, as much as I hate it I'm really thinking about sending him off to another happy home rather then waiting for my dad to get upset enough to where he'll send him back to the humane society.
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Oh, sweetie...I'm so sorry. I can't even begin to think how you must be feeling...my heart goes out to you and your Joey.

Do you have any relatives he could live with? I know when my cousin had to find a new home for her cats under teh order of her landlord, she gave the cats to her brother and she still sees them frequently. Maybe a close friend or family memeber could look after Joey to make sure he doesn't get hurt?
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For Joey's sake, I hope you move quickly to find him a safer home. Perhaps they will allow you to visit him?
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What a painful position to be in. I know you will miss your little boy, but by finding him a new, loving home, you will be showing him how very much you love him.
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I just wish there was something else I could do! I really don't want to have to send him to another home because none of my friends would end up taking him and neither will any family members! Joey is my best friend if he ends up going I will be sooo depressed!!!
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Oh sweetie.. I totally understand how you feel... it's so sad when you have no choice but to let go... Malakai is living with my best friends mom and the moment because I'm homeless and living with my aunt and she wont let me have a cat... It hurts to not have him with me, especially when I visit him and he is mad for leaving him but I know that he's in a good home and he's being cared for by someone who I trust... It also helps that I know I will eventually be able to have him back... Maybe you can find someone to take Joey that will allow you to visit.... I just hope that it works out for you... I know how upset you are... :hug:

Try talking to your dad again... I actually had that same problem with my father when I was living with him... Malakai would be locked up in my room all day while I wasnt there and when I let him out, my father would hit him for jumping on the couch... I finally threatened to hit him with the broom if he hit Malakai again... LoL... you may not be able to do that but try explaining how much you love Joey and how it would hurt you to have to get rid of him... Maybe he'll understand... I hope...
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