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Grooming long-hair cats

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Help! I love my three cats, but one of them has a dirty butt poblem. Zoey is a long hair calico with a bit of a belly and she can't reach to clean herself. She works hard on the rest of her fur coat and I help her by combing out mats. But she has turds hanging from her butt at times. Any suggestions???
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Yes, I know a lot of people with longhairs that keep the butt area hair short some even keep it shaved. I personally think you should only keep it cut short.

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Yes, I call it Litterbox Butt and agree with Frannie 100%
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Thanks, Frannie & Hell603! I thought trimming or shaving might be the answer. It's either that or a tummy-tuck and I'm not sure my local vet does plastic surgery! Just Joking! Me and Zoey (alias, litter-box butt) will work thi out! It's tough typing this as charlie-cat has his head rammed into m y wrist at the co mputer! Rln
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Oh the memories I have of that. My Rocky a 22 pound long-haired cat had that same problem !! And the knots were horrible. I solved the problem by asking the groomer to shave him totally,well except his whole head and tail. We had to do it about once every 7 months and even though the first time I saw him he looked funny,we all got used to his "new do" in a few days. It was also much better for him because all that nasty hairball vomiting stopped !! And no more smelly butt!! In the past when he had poop stuck on his rear I would have to take him downstairs in the laundry tub and soak the turds off of him. How he hated that and it was almost a weekly thing !!A job that I did not enjoy either:laughing: He now lives with my son and his wife in a brand new home and my days of dragging Rocky to the groomer are history. I do miss him, but my son and Rocky formed a very strong bond in the 10 years that they both lived here ,so when my son recently married he took his best friend with him
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Thanks,Judy and everyone who replied! I like your cat story. After I get this grooming problem solved, I'll get a picture of her and Charlie and Jasper on the net. I think I'll go to a groomer since the "bathroom battles" to clean her butt are getting too stressful---for both of us!
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