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Hmmmm, Babycakes likes fig newtons and angel food cake, Tigs likes angel food cake, watermelon and orange sherbert. Hef-cat likes turnip greens and canned biscuits!
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Persil ate a slice of cheese and spinach pie at the weekend, that she 'rescued' out of the bin. But she will sell her soul for cheese - she snatches it out of my hand if she can. She also likes vanilla ice cream. Ellie will eat anything as long as it is in another cat's bowl. Dushka is my dainty eater. Other cats I have had loved tomato sauce and carrots.
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Chuckie loves marshmallows !
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Socks LOVES green olives and corn.

If anyone in the house is eating anything with tuna in it, Willy goes insane. This cat will eat tuna salad, pasta and all. And I hope you have some sort of protective device if you happen to be eating a Popsicle on a hot day!

Snookums, my boyfriend's cat, loves vanilla ice cream and cheezies.
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Pepper's favourites (besides chicken of course) is ice cream and Kraft Dinner I've never heard of a cat eating Kraft Dinner till I seen her do it!
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I don't get the whole packing tape thing either, but they love it. Annabelle doesn't eat spiders, she just likes to run around with them in her mouth, alive. Lucy loves anything, ice cream, corn, grilled cheese sandwiches. Daisy is pretty picky. She just likes to sit in the fridge when it's open, but not eat anything. She has a pretty sensitive stomach anyway so it's good she only really likes cat food.
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Dutchy will eat anything if i put my plate down..she has also been known to walk to my plate and steal pasta noodles and run off. I am usually to busy laughing at her to scold her..
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Harvey really loves anything bready. In fact, I can't leave any bread, rolls, muffins, whatever, on the counter or he'll rip open the packages and tear into them.

Tailer is my hunter. He'll stalk, caputure, and eat any bug in the house. (He especially loves spiders and flies.) If a mouse or something gets in he's on that, too, but he doesn't eat those...just plays with them until they're dead. (Despite my best efforts to humanely trap them and release them somewhere safer.) And, boy, when we had the bird he wanted a piece of him in the worst possible way! The REALLY strange thing he eats, though, is fortune cookies.

Forest will eat ANYTHING that's in his path. I recently caught him with a little piece of ribbon sticking out of his mouth...and when I gently removed it, it turned out to be about 7 feet long! (Boy, I still thank God I saw it before he got the whole thing swallowed...and I still have NO idea where he got it from.) He just loves the bugs, too!
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A lizard....

Actually, for CJ, I'd have to say that it' spaghettiO's... she loves them!

But Billy has the weirdest of them all! He eats OLIVES! Ohhhh, and just thinking about it bring the smell to my nose... the smell of the litterbox AFTER he eats them
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sara tried to eat a baby frog that was jumping across the floor last night, i tried to save it, but it was to late... i felt bad for it
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Garter snake tails! Actually, Jamie will eat almost any kind of bug or lizard he can catch, but he seems to eschew rodents. He'll kill them, but he won't eat them.
This year he has discovered strawberries.
What's really weird is that all the cats in the neighborhood seem to love cranberries and raspberries, which we have in our garden, but none of them (except Jamie) have touched the strawberries yet. The raspberry plants are very prickly, yet we constantly find cats stripping them of fruit.
Other strange things he likes are mushrooms, beer (we only get the alcohol-free type, so I guess it won't hurt him to slurp a little), and mashed potatoes.
My mom's cat goes out of her mind over coffee - you have to "guard" your coffee cups around that house!
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Originally Posted by jcat (we only get the alcohol-free type, so I guess it won't hurt him to slurp a little)......
I didn't know there was a non-alchoholic beer!? That's neat! Hopefully that prevents alot of drunks out there!
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finnegan i thought would eat just about anything he could get his paws on but the other night he was sniffing after my cauliflour salad and its got apple vineger in it.. well he didnt like that smell at all!! LOL
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Wow there are a lot of strange appetities for all these furbabies Let's see The Sammycat will eat any type of meat but shrimp, he hates shrimp.....go fiqure that one He will smell of it and then try to cover it like it's something from the litterbox

Now Oscar he is a different story all the way around. Not only does he likes all meats, but he likes peanut butter, pickles(dill), potato chips, raw potatoes, baby carrots(raw) cornbread, lettuce and a whole bunch of other things that I can't think of right now. Personally I think that Oscar can remember when he was a skinny little kitten trying to survive at my hubby's place of work and eating anything he could get his little mouth on Poor baby was about starved to death when Ken brought him home.
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