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Our 14 year old indoor/outdoor cat, Wizard, was injured on Sunday, May 29. They thought he was hit by a car. He was healthy and strong so the vet recommended pinning his broken leg. Because of the holiday, surgery was delayed until Tuesday, My 31. During surgery, they discovered that he had been attacked by a dog. In addition to pinning the leg (which was more difficult than they anticipated and kept him sedated for nearly 2 hours) they stitched and treated dog puncture wounds and teeth scrapes. He came home on Wednesday but was taken back Thursday as the dog bites had caused him to become septic. He stayed in hospital until Wednesday, June 8. Since being home, he has had diarrhea and movement, but not real use, in his hind legs. Tuesday, June 14, he had stitches removed. One wound did not close well because of skin death due to the dogs teeth. We are treating it with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin. The vet said most animals will walk even on a pinned leg in about 2 weeks. He said there may be nerve damage preventing him from using his hind legs. He told us to give it two more weeks to see if he can use the hind legs. We do not wish Wizard to suffer and will not keep him in this state if the legs don't come back. He is on an antibiotic, probiacin gel for the diarrhea, and aspirin every 3 days for a possible blood clot. Any ideas on coaxing him to use the hind legs or other approaches to his problems? He is eating and drinking and urinating regularly. Unfortunately, his regular BMs are always diarrhea. We understand that we may be at the end of our time with our old friend but want to give him every chance of recovery possible. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.