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I posed a few days back about which flea med. to use on the cats. Thanks so much. The cats aren't getting bit, but I am still. I have had the apt. professionally sprayed and am now going to toss the mattress out. Any tips on home foggers? Which one is best? Thanks so much!
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I'm pretty sure I used a Raid brand fogger and it worked really well
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I would get one from your vet- not from the grocery store. Most vets carry the most effective types, or can recommend the best one for you. You can also sprinkle diachotomous earth crystals into your carpet, let it set there for about an hour then vacuum it up-
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If you are in an apartment, you might want to check to see if fogging is legal in your area.
It was not an option for me years ago when I discovered my apartment carpet had been infested with flea eggs that lay dormant until warm weather came.
After the mass hatching if was so bad that the cats wouldn't even walk anywhere on the carpet
Instead of foggers we always put down Borax and left it down for 24 hours.
It basically sucks the moisture right out of the fleas and their eggs and then you vacuum thoroughly afterwards.
It's worked like a charm every time for me.
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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I don't have any carpeting though! I have all hard wood floors and have no clue where the fleas are coming from. I am speculating my mattress as anything i put by there and then put on, i am suddenly bit in 4 different places. I will be tossing out the bed but I am not sure if that will eradicate them.
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Sounds horrid

A fogger may be your only choice, but please, check with building manager to be sure it's safe.
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The last place I lived had hardwood floors and it was the hardest to get ride of fleas. They actually burrow themselves down into any tiny cracks, cracks you might not even be able to see. Maybe you can hire a professional exterminator to fog? I'm going to try that Borax idea when I move, just in case!

How exactly do you use the Borax? Do you sprinkle it, or add it to water then sprinkle it? Do you just vacuum it up?
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Sprinkle it dry, vacuum up later.
It's non toxic, but do be careful not to let the furkids ingest it anyway, they say too much and a vet trip is needed, well 'too much' I've found is relative from animal to animal.
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