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What kind of Food do your cats get?

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Just out of curiousity, what does everyone feed their cat(s)?

What brand?

Hard or soft food? Or both?

How much food per cat each day?

Do the kitties love it?

I am just wondering what the best food for a cat is and while doing so, I want to know what you guys use. Thanks ahead of time for all replys!
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The information about the diet we have our babies on -

We get the food from the Global Pet Food Stores Inc.
Maxim Advanced Wholesome Nutrition
Ultra Premium Dry Cat food

Nutural Grain Fed Chicken
Pesticide Free Grains
Selected Fruits and Vegetables
Chelated Minerals
Balanced Omega 6:3 Fatty Acids
Cranberry to promote Proper PH

Maxim Maintenance cat food contains only wholesome, natural ingredients for the concerned health-conscious pet owner. Drug-free proteins, chemical-free grains, chelated minerals, chosed fruits & vegetables and oils are combined to produce this beneficial and highly digestible diet. As well, the addition of cranberries helps promote proper urinary pH. Not only is Maxim Maintenance truly plaatable, but the balance of fatty acids and skin & coat conditioners will help to keep your cat healty and happy, inside and out.

Maxim is formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profile for all stages of a cats life.

Also to add to this - Most cat food has corn in it which goes through the system very fast which can make you even our animals hungry a short time after eating. I have found with this cat food our cats now eat much less - staying full longer and even the cat box is not as full as before and doesn't smell have as bad when they have a bowel movement.

We have had the cats on this diet over 2 months we have not noticed any lose of weight they are all are maintaining there weight and Max actually gained back the pound he had lost when he was sick. That is due to him now feeling better and eating the food he should be eating

Hopefully this helps you out

I will also add to this the size and price of the bag we use for 8 cats -
Canadian priced

7.5 Kg which is 16.5 lbs - $31.99 last 3 weeks for 8 cats they are graziers so we fill up the bowls for them the beginning of every morning and refill each day with plenty of fresh water. We have found the more water dishes you leave around the house the more content they are our vet said the more you babies pee the healthier it is for them to keep them cleaned out.
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Hi, there is an extensive thread on this here

I'm currently feeding canned only to Tyler, mainly canned to Patrick, and Nutro Natural Choice Weight Management to the younger kitters.
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I free feed Nutro Natural Indoor Adult dry downstairs,SD Kitten dry upstairs, and the corresponding wet foods for each age group (the two seniors get senior food, the two yearlings get adult food and the two kits get kitten food).
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My cats get free fed Nutro Natural Choice Indoor formula, and they slip a small can of either Wellness, Pro Plan, or any other flavor I can find that all of them like.
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Thanks all for the responses. Great info from all.

Special thanks to Pat & Alix for providing that link. I somehow over looked that thread before.

Thanks all!
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I also feed Nutro Natural Choice - Kitten Formula. I also feed them Hill's Science Diet because I get it free from work. lol

I have 3 kitties which are fed twice a day. I mix canned with dry. I normally use 2 cans a day and about 2 cups of dry.

If you would like to try Nutro you can go to their site . Click on "Contact Us" and ask them to send you samples. I was surprised. They sent about 5 - 10 different samples of dry food and some coupons. It was very nice and my kitties loved it.
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Originally Posted by GratefulBear629
I also feed Nutro Natural Choice - Kitten Formula. I also feed them Hill's Science Diet because I get it free from work. lol

LOL that's the same reason our two babies get the SD Kitten, and of course why we also keep a case of a/d around just in case.
MIL gets it from the clinic she works at.
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I've also posted this in the other thread. Sierra eats Innova Lite wet. She gets a couple of pieces of Innova Lite dry per day as a treat. She very much enjoys this food and eats as much as she will in a few small meals throughout the day, our goal being one can a day.
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Pro plan dry free fed
Friskies and Fancy feast on tsp in the am

Loki is on a diet, he is getting weight management food
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