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I wasn't sure where to post this, but found this one to be the closest. I have a year old cat, and ever since me and my fiance got her she has been trying to get outside. We adopted her from the city animal shelter and figured that once we spay her, her urges to go outside would stop. Well we were very VERY wrong. So we gave in and started to let her outside with a collar and shots. For the past month i have been trying to keep her in. She has been killing rats, mice, squirrels and pigions. The rat was domestic my fiance's rat actualy that escaped. But she has killed one squirrel and two pigions and 1 mouse that we know of. She brings them to our back porch as if offering them to us. I was just wondering if there is any way to stop her from killing these, but letting her be outside still. Or any suggestions on ways to keep her inside since she sneaks out when people come in or leave.

Thankyou much
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If you scroll down the page it has some answers about cats and prey and so on.. I enjoyed reading it.

Before I became a member to TCS.. I had many of the same questions that most of the members have here. I really like this site that I posted above for some quick answers. You can read up on this if you like and I am sure one of the members will be by soon to answer your question as well.
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Make her a cat enclosure- with my enclosure the cats still do have access to mice foolish enough to come into the enclosure, but the other prey trophies have stopped.
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I agree with Hissy about the outdoors enclosure. One of my friend's uses multiple bells on the cat's collar.

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If they have room to hunt, they will hunt and you cannot either blame or reward a cat for it - it is instinct. This week so far I have had a dead lizard and a (very) live mole to deal with. The mole must have been over 6 inches long - I didn't know they could grow that big, but it was undamaged and I released it outside.
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So there isn't any real harm in her killing the animals? (not as if my neighbores care, less cars getting "dirty" from pidgions and less squirrels eating out of brid feeders) She does have her shots and no sign of worms or flees or anything she could have picked up. And so far she hasnt been hurt by any of the animals.

Is their anything else i should look out for that she can pick up off the animals?

Oh and thankyou for the enclosure idea Im gonna give it a try and hope she dousnt find a way out

Thanks everyone for the help
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I would try and stop her eating what she catches as cats can pick up parasites and other diseases from their prey. But I know that is not always easy or possible. And most cats have an instinct not to eat the stomach and intestines for that reason. I take away anything mine bring in, but I cannot know what they eat outside. Fortunately I do think they bring most of their catches home.
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