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Just had an earthquake in Southern Cal

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I was sitting here at my computer and suddenly the room started rock and roll. It was a little scarey. In was inland, but we felt it here in Los Angeles. They said it was a 5.3. Not a big one, but it was still scarey.
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Oh no! I am glad it was a big one and that you are safe! Be careful ok?
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It scared me, that's for sure. This is the 3rd Earthquake this week I think. I didn't feel the Earthquake in Northern California, but I felt the one on Sunday and I thought that was the cats jumping around on the bed, until I saw looked around and none of them were in bed with me. This one was more powerful here in the Los Angeles area. I didn't notice any unusual activity with any of the cats though. I know I was about ready to jump up and go outside, which is crazy during a quake.
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Oh scary Hope. I'm glad it was no bigger than that. I hope no-one is hurt.
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Wow that's the second 5+ mag in a week. My dad lives in Orange, I wonder if he felt it.
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If your dad lives in Orange, he would have felt it, I'm sure. I'm in Los Angeles, and it was in an area called The Inland Empire, in the town of Yucaipa.
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Thanks. I just shot him an email. Cant dial long distance from work.
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Glad to hear y'all are okay...stay safe out there.
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San Diego area here. Very scary. Dexter & Sadie ran under our bed before I felt it. It shook hard...again.
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I was actually just looking at the USGS website and saw it reported on there. (I'm such a nerd) Glad you are ok!
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I'm in Anaheim and I felt it pretty well. It's funny because this morning Lucy was just screaming as I tried to leave. Now she's sitting on my lap, purring and giving me an "I told you so" look
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Are ok? dear Hope?

Sendig (((((good vibes))))...... I really hope you has a calm down time now...
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I just re read my initial post and it was pretty obvious I was pretty shaken up at that time. My wording in that post is almost like I don't even speak English. LOL. Anyway, I'm OK now. It really wasn't a bad one. It's just that when they happen, you never know if they're going to get bigger, and that is what is scarey.

My cats didn't react at all. SunLee was laying on top of my monitor, and she didn't move. Simba was running around and playing like usual, and Shane slept through it.
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Hope everyone is ok. I was living in LA for the Northridge Quake an know full well the damage that can occur
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I was in my car at a stop light and I have to say the car was rockin, I looked around thinking maybe it was the big trucks, then I realized it was an earthquake
The thing I do hate is when I'm upstairs in the house and they hit, and to top that espically at night cause I'm home alon lol, hubby works nights, I don't know if I rather fall through the floor or have the floor fall on me lol ( well it's not funny) but I guess we get used to them after awhile. I think it would be worse if they could predict them
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I'm so glad that you are all okay and that the quake wasn't worse. A small boy (about 7yrs.) was interviewed on KCAL9 and he said he was crying. I also worry about the elderly & the dev. delayed, as they seem to really get upset in these things. I agree, the worst part is not knowing if the quake is going to get stronger or if the worst has past .Right after a strong quake, I stop being angry at all the building codes in CA!! I hope that you have plenty of supplies on stock, just in case this was a foreshock......I'm praying hard for all of you down there!
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Wow, that is scary - Glad you are ok
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