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Help – cat issues.. :-(

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Came home this evening to find 1 of my cats has a gash in her back leg close to the paw about 2 inches long and quite wide. There’s not sign of bleeding, but it looks like you can see flesh / bone so it will need stitches but the vet is not open until tomorrow morning. :-( (My money is on that bloody BIG ginger cat that has been spotted fighting mine and other cats round here >:o() )

I have done the following and I hope it was the right thing to do. Sprayed the wound with antiseptic stuff. Washed it off. (Cat going mad in the meantime) put some antiseptic cream on the wound then bandaged it up reasonably tight so she won’t take it off.
Locked them both in the house so they can’t go out.

Any thoughts ?
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I'm not so sure how safe or well those products will be on the leg, since you say the gash is so deep!

Hopefully someone will come along soon and offer better advice. My only advice is to keep your cat inside so it doesn't get hurt again.

and get it to the vet ASAP
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We will take it to the vets first thing in the morning so in 10 hours time.
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I'm no doctor but I would have done the same thing. Be careful with how tight you wrapped the leg. Your kitty can't tell you if her circulation is compromised. I would recommend separating the two cats for now until you can treat the injured one.

Can your cat walk on the leg?
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Hard to believe that a cat can't get a home-applied bandage off. And if it's too tight, circulation is impaired, which is worse than the gash. I don't know. Tough call. I'm not there and I can't see it. I suppose if it's not bleeding, the worst that can happen between now and tomorrow is infection. Maybe if it's not bleeding, it's not as deep as you think it is. Keep us posted.
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She managed to get the bangage off the first time, the second time I used an elastic based bandage and some plasters (elastic) so she couldn't lick it off and it was still on this morning. She is running around as normal, although a little scared from the attention last night.

My wife is taking her to the Vets now so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for your advice.
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Cat's in the Vets all day today. Will be put under general and stitched up. Should be O K :-)
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Good for you and your cat!!
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yay! Fantastic job! Hope everything turns out great!
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