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Summer's First Strawberries

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Ah yes - last night on the way home from work I picked up our first (of many) 4 qt. basket of fresh strawberries of the season. Because of the hot weather we had last week and the early part of this week, the strawberries are a whole week early! Yeah.

Our daughter stopped at the dairy on her way home from work (she has to pass it to get home) and picked up a litre of whipping cream. That should last 2 nights. We only ever eat strawberries in season so we gourge ourselves every night until they are finished for this year.

I wish I could share a piece of fresh strawberry shortcake with you all. Tonight I'm going to whip up a batch of short biscuits to make the shortcake with. MMMMMMMM
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We have terrific strawberries this year. The only problem is that I have a pectin allergy, and can't eat most fruits (peeled apples and pears are okay, but that's about it). Jamie is now 6, and never paid any attention to strawberries in the past. Well, at the moment he's into strawberries, and raspberries, too. The neighborhood cats are also into raspberries this year?????. Cats can be very strange!
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When I was growing up we lived next door to the state of Wisconsin's largest pick-out-own operation. We "worked" there at age 10 (now it wouldn't be allowed) cutting the berries of the 1st yr plants, later on weeding. We worked out way up to picking for a local grocery store plus anyone who called them for berries. In High School we directed traffic(there would be cars waiting to enter the patch a 1/2 mile in each direction. The police did the traffic on the hwy!! Then assigned people the rows stuff like that!! So I really didn't eat strawberries for the longest time. But the season should be starting very soon as I did get some from the farmer's market last week.
My parents have quite the strawberry patch maybe they will have some on Father's Day for me to pick!!
I freeze lots to make jam later and for smoothies.
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I bought two pounds of strawberries two nights ago. They are gone! I ate a pound last and a pound the night before. I would eat more if I had them!! I love strawberries. My rabbit loves them as well
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MMMMMYup! We had our first feed starting last Friday, and going every day until they were gone -- Tuesday I think. I'll be hitting Granville Island after work tomorrow for our next fix. Fresh local strawberries -- nothing like 'em!
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Awww save some for me!

Berry season is well over here. I feel like some fresh strawberries!

Enjoy them!!
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