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Should I or should I not ----

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THere is a dear cat at Church who was being fed by one of the Church members. Then this woman's husband left her and she became very depresed and asked me too feed Boots. It has been a VERY GREAT PLEASURE dong this. Boots WAS doing fine untill a "nice!" trustee discovered a momma cat and her 4 babies going into the basement and put netting up to prevent this. Whatever else they did has the Church cat Boots, TERRIFIED! She is losing weight and when she starts to eat, only takes a quick bite before she becomes frightend, and then runs and hides. She IS used to me and we both love each other. I WANT to adopt her (if she has no disease she can pass on to my others), BUT I feel I am a jinx on my babies.

My babies keep getting sick (Ben started out wtih a high fever but good bloodwork, went into hyperT ( at TWO years old) and now has a possible tumor on his thorax and bloodwork that (according to the vet) is OUT OF WHACK!).

I have little money but a LOT of love. I LOVE Boots and want her but she MAY end up sick like my others. I CAN give her all the love she needs but what about my jinx on my babies. Should I just tell myself (as my counsler says) that I am not a jinx and adopt Boots or just leave her be?
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Well, you know what the answer will be on this site. Especially if Boots' health is in jeopardy where she is now, and if she won't eat then it is.

You aren't a jinx on your cats' health. Sometimes life/God sends people special needs kitties because they can care for them in their time of need.
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I think you sound just perfect for boots She would be very happy with you.
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I'm sure her chances of getting sick are much greater if you don't adopt her. You aren't a jinx (there's no such thing, really). You have a lot of love to give to her and she has a lot of love to give to you. I'll bet if you adopt her you will both be very happy!
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I agree with everyone else. You SHOULD adopt Boots! I think you'd be the best thing for her. She needs someone to love her and take good care of her.
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You are not a jinx! I agree with Heidi! I think life/God does give us special kitties when He knows we can take care of them. It takes a special person to do that. If you have the room in your home and heart for Boots, go for it
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My cousin Suzy once said to me, "Everything I love dies." Her first boyfriend died suddenly while wrapping her Christmas present. Her first child was killed in a car accident. It was devastating. She was so young, but things were so dark for her.

Now, about 20 years later, she is happily married, owns her own business, and has 4 more healthy children. Are her losses eliminated? No, but her joys have multiplied.

You are at a dark point. You have had losses, and of course you miss how life was before the losses. But you are not the jinx on the situation. And neither was Suzy. As life goes on and time passes, you will heal.

Do you want Boots to join your family? I'm sure she would be happy to do so. You are not obligated to take her in, but if you want to, I say go for it!
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