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no sigh of labor.....

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my pixie is 61-62 days and no sign of labor.how much longer ....lol..i wait i'm so happy. im all smiles. i hope soon ....
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Remember to breathe! The actual date of delivery varies so much between cats that even though you are probably quite close, it still may be several days yet. *smile* I know you are anxious though ... being on "Baby Watch" is both exciting and a little daunting as well. Do you have everything all ready for her? How about you? Got the ER and Regualr Vet phone numbers nearby? Lots of clean, warm towels and bedding? Once it is certain she will be delivering, put several old towels into the clothes dryer and run them just to get them nice and warm. When the babies start arriving, you can place the baby close to Mom's head (I like to put them right behind her head at the top of her back/neck area) in the warmed towels - it helps the kittens to keep warm until Mom is finished delivering. She will turn around and begin caring for her new family more in ernest once she is done.
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i think i had everything i needed the week i found out she was pregrant (sp)lol..she is a himmy so they say they go about 63 days but have longer labors..well i will keep you posted....
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Is she an extreme Himmy or a Doll-Faced Himmy?
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she is extreme Himmy and seal point .she a doll face to me
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The reason I ask is because from what I understand, the extreme head-style cats can sometimes have a bit more difficulty with delivery since the kittens will have similar head shape - that big old head is hard to push out of that little space! What about the sire? I remember you said he was a Siamese - was he an extreme Siamese with the slender, elongated head shape? That might result in your kittens having a little less of a rounded shape to their heads and might make delivery a little more comfortable for your girl.
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he is a small lynics slender build..i do now what you are saying so i have someone who been breeding bagles and siamese cats for years,so she is watching her too...she is in goods hands
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Good - glad to hear you have someone standing by ... I take it you are new to breeding?
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yes .i have waited a year for this day..I tryed to learn all that I could before I started to even think about breeding my cat...I have been there when my friend cats have giving birth and this message board.. I have learned alot too.So I like to thank you and all the cat lovers out there...I 'm still a little scared because this is my BABY she is part of the family....
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Oh gosh, I know!!!! It seemed like an eternity before I got my first cats and then it was even longer still before they were ready to breed! But I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world. I learned SO much in those 3 years that turned out to be very valuable information to me when the time came. I spent it wisely and read every book I could get my hands on, I talked to other breeders and people in the cat fancy about the illnesses and other issues with my chosen breed, I went to various cat-related events and shows and I spent a LOT of money ordering pedigrees and pedigree software to see which cats in what lines I wanted to cross!

I am excited for you with this being your first litter!! I am hoping to breed my two again just as soon as Lexus goes back into estrus. I don't know what she is waiting for though ... she had a litter on October 3rd of last year and while she has been in estrus a few times, I didn't feel she was quite ready for another litter so I waited. Now that I want her to come in, she won't. *grin*
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i such checked her a there us a little clear milk coming from her nipples and she eating alot (snacking)...
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