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help for spraying cats

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I had a big problem with spraying cats (I have 15 in the house) I have seen all my cats spray at one time or another--males and females--all spayed and neutered. I have just recently begun using Bach rescue remedy in their drinking water and I switched from tap water to bottled water (unfortunately at the same time) I don't know which change helped but my spraying problems have been cut by at least 90 percent. Two of my cats who have their own room use to spray and pee in all the corners and on the sofa (covered with plastic and slipcover)and on the wall all day every day! Now they still are spraying in one corner but this is a remarkable improvement that I can live with.
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Have you tried using Feliway to reduce spraying?
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i have probably spent at least $500 on feliway over several years and have never found it to work at all. The question is why do I keep buying it? Because it is so highly recommended by vets, whole cat journal, cat fancy, etc. The only recommendation I have never gotten is from someone who has actually used it. have you or anyone you know used it? I even at one time called an animal behavorist and spent an enormous sum of money (she recommended it) and nothing has ever helped.
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Hi - Do you know how to determine when male cats will start to spray? I need to get my 5 month old cats neutered. One has had a change in urine odor and am wondering if I can wait another week or if that's too long. Any info?
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His urine will smell stronger when the testosterone levels increase. Thus, it is possible that he is maturing, though he is still fairly young. Various medical problems can aolso lead to smelly urine. It would be best to consult with your vet about this.
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I have 14 cats at my house and I am my boiling point! They keep spraying all over the house especially in the kitchen and it's driving me crazy. It takes so much time and effort to clean up only come back to the same thing. I have heard about Feliway but am not too sure whether it will actually work or not. I also heard about something called "Bach?" Wondering were to get that?
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The Bach is probably Dr Bachs rescue remedy. That you can find at most general health and nutrition stores. It is an all natural relaxer. It works on most but not all cats. The theory behind that is males spray because of tension and inter male aggession. If you can calm them down a bit, it helps to eliminate the spraying or decrease it. Usually if your male to female ratio is higher, you have a chance more of the males will spray.
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Bach rescue remedy is very easy to use with cats because you can just put it in the community drinking water. It only takes 4 drops in a pan of water (the exact dosage is not real important) And they seem to love the taste of it. Mine line up when I change the water and they never use to do that. I know exactly how you feel about the spraying. I would try to remain calm when I walked in the house after work but immediately I'd just start crying and scrubbing walls, pull out the stove twice a day, move the cabinet twice a day and I'd cry the whole time I did it. My son's suggestion was to burn a lot of incense and actually that did help. I hung metal buckets in the basement from the overhead pipes and put kitty litter and incense sticks in them. And when I just could not cope with the smell and had no energy to clean i burned incense. It was safe and it drifted up into the rest of the house. I think that part of the problem is as the cats are stressed and spraying we are also getting more and more stressed. Our stress makes the cats even more stressed. Right now, although they still spray it has calmed downed. There are other things you can also do. you may e-mail me if you'd like. I've been trying different things for a long time. Katha2@aol.com
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It's so interesting I saw your post tonight - I have questions about kittens starting to spray (when, etc.), and just started using Bach's Rescue Remedy yesterday, in preparation for getting them neutered. I read in a holistic book for pets that it can be helpful in treating stress, or healing from surgery, etc. In just one day, it really seems to be working! They seem much calmer and less aggressive. People can use it too, and I'm feeling really great using it - have never tried it before. I feel calmer, more balanced, happier, definitely less stressed out. So glad to hear it also works in preventing cats from spraying! I will continue using it until their surgery, and after, to help them heal. For people who don't know about Bach's remedies, you can buy them at health food stores, or I'm sure on the Web, too. It's a small bottle, and you can add drops to their food, water, or just put a drop on their nose for them to lick off. Costs about $10. (Also called Dr. Bach's Flower Essences - this one is Rescue Remedy). Good luck!
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