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Take the Kits on Vacation?

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It ws not our choice, but my hubby and I had to spend two weekends in a row away from home. The first weekend I got a cat-sitter, but the second my mom said she would look after them. They were fine after the first weekend, but after the second, they were both nervous and a little neurotic. (I since discovered that my mom only came by once over the 3-day weekend we were gone--no wonder they were upset!)

Anyway, my boss has given me a long 11-day vacation, and we were planning to go up to my hubby's family lake cottage, which is six hours north of toronto, canada (and we live in north carolina). Should we take them on the plane and the drive to have them with us at the cottage or leave them and have them potentially experience a very stressful 11 days alone??

My husband works from home, so they are used to a human being around 24/7. Even a cat-sitter can't do that--unless they are in-home. Also, there is a good chance my inlaws will bring their cat, Pez, to the cottage as well. Even though it is a large cottage they would still have to meet, which could also be stressful.

Any advice??
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I think staying at home may be the least stressful for them. As long as they have food and water, they will get over being left alone most of the time. A long plane ride, a new cat, new surroundings, and another long plane ride would be much harder. They probably will just hide for most of your stay anyway, so they won't really be much company. I would take the money you would have to spend to transport them and hire a good petsitter.
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