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We're in that season here in Ohio.....oh joy! For me, I have a perverse desire to see one. I mean, I know they cause death and destruction, and Lord knows i wouldn't want anyone or anything to get hurt, but I would love to see one! Would any of you want to see one too, or would you be like my sister and head for the basement at the first warning? I'm sure I would be joining you all in the basement when it got close, but oh how I'd love to see one way off in the distance, in some field somewhere where it wasn't hurting anyone! Am I wierd or what?
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I'd be straight down in the basement with the kitts, their food and water, a bottle of wine and a massive bag of crisps!
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It's hurricane season. too! I have seen several of those, but never a tornado. The very though of that makes me queasy.
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We get Nader watches here, and I think in the past 20 yrs only 2 have touched down in Florence.

I have a major fascination with thunderstorms... if one rolls through at night (And I'm coherent enough to wake to it) I'll lay awake with my head up by the window, watching the lightening, the trees swaying back & forth, the rain hitting the windows.

However once those sirens start blaring, you bet yer butter I'm waking my kid, and both of us are scrambling to find all the cats & get into the basement!!!
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I'm down below too.....and I don't even have a basement....just a crawl space. I'd rather be sitting with the spiders than watching the storms.

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I agree, I've lived in Oklahoma for over 25 years and I've yet to see one, although they come through this state quite often. I would love to see one too. My hubby and I have even talked about going on one of those amature tornado chasing tours just to try to see one. I'm completely fascinated by them, storms too.
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You know...I am so glad that I am not the only one! I am afraid of them, but so strangely drawn to them....I just want to see a field somewhere where no one will get hurt, or their house destroyed...maybe I should go on an ameteur tornado chase myself.....
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Tornado central, that's us! Actually, we have two very active seasons, springtime and most of Nov-Dec. Since I've had such a close brush with one, I'm more scared of them than I used to be, but they still hold a great fascination for me!
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I have a great respect for major weather events (for want of a better all-encompassing expression), and wouldn't be knowingly doing anything dumb, but I agree these things are fascinating, and I'd love to have the opportunity to see pretty much any of those events -- just not "up close and personal"!
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Oh, I'm fascinated with them, although I am MAJORLY afraid of them! I lived in a single-wide mobile home for 13 years and they tell you to abandon them in the event of a warning, but to stay out of cars? Get in a ditch? Hello! Tornadoes here are usually companions with major rain, I could get in a ditch if I wanted to drown! On the couple of times we were following tracks and thought something might come too close for comfort we packed up cats and went to my mom's, but honestly her old farmhouse was probably not as well anchored down as my trailer which had strapping attached to anchors that had been drilled into solid rock!
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be safe Chick (Susie)......
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i like them not, or... would like to see one at least. But when i was younger ....well here... (ehemmm)"DAD WHERE ARE THE CATS?!?! HELP ME GET THEM DOWNSTAIRS!!!! GRAB MY HAMPSTER AND MY FISHES!!!!!! BRANDIE? BRANDIE? BRANDIE WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!???????? " hahahaha
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I am a crazy one..but my dad and I used to sit out in the yard and watch them...if it got to dangerous he of course swept me and the dog inside. now that i am older, i take allt he cats to saftey..and than go watch..heh
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when i lived in moore, oklahoma... we saw quite a few... we always stood outside and watched them and took video and pictures... we had two in the couple years before left that came really close, thankfully we have been really lucky and never had any damage, but we have lots of great footage!
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We get them all the time, but I've never seen one. I just run and hide! Last time there was a tornado and I was in town I was at the mall and they ushered us into the basement. Usually I happen to be at my mom's house in another city when this city gets a tornado.

We haven't had a tornado in town yet this year, but the towns right next to ours have been hit several times already.

I remember last year in Indianapolis a retirement home got it's roof ripped off and afterwards a news helicopter had flown over, showing some very shocked residents in their beds.

Tornadoes scare the crap out of me, but my fiancee thinks they're great. He always liked being on duty when there were tornados or possible conditions for tornadoes, because they'd send him out in the ambulance to watch for them.
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I've seen two of them.

One hit the field across the street from our apartment complex when I was a kid. I saw it coming through the window of our apartment before my mom got us into the basement of the building. It only uprooted a couple small trees around the apartment buildings, but it completely destroyed the field and a few buildings that were in its path.

The second one was just a few years ago. It hit near the office building I was working in. We stood by the window and watched as the pressure popped the back windows of the cars in the parking lot (yea...not too smart to be standing in the window).

I don't really need to see any more.
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I used to be fascinated by them until 1 passed over our house 2 years ago. Now I get nervous during any storm, particularly in the spring. I barely made it to the storm cellar and with no warning, if it had actually hit my house, all of my babies would have been gone. There was no way to get them to safety as fast as it hit. I left 4, 2 week old orphaned kittens and 12 adults inside, and just had found a litter of 4 outside 2 hours before the storm hit.

Trust me - you don't want to be close to one!
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I don't want to experience one - thank you!

Stay safe ya'll!
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