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making my own cat condo.

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i have searched for months to find a condo suitable not only for pandy but bonnie too, she is very fussy, doesn't or can't jump too high and doesn't like enclosed spaces, she also weighs over 12lbs so the condo will have to be able to support her weight, all the one's on ebay available to Australia are too high and have too many boxes, something pandy would love but bonnie would not even be able to get up so high, all the others were too small and the only ones i likes couldn't be shipped to Australia...too expensive aparently, i couldn't understand that because i was prepered to pay.

anyway, after months of frustration iv'e decided to build my own with the help of my Husband, he has a huge workshop with all the tools i need and ore so hopefully if we work together and follow the basic rules of building a condo it should all go well.

i want to build one that has four posts at the bottom for extra support and maybe one in the middle too, bonnie loves to run full speed (not very fast when it's her) but still, when it's 12lbs she can topple things over pretty easily, i also want a few big flat perches for bonnie and at least one hidey box for pandy.

i'm doing the design up tonight, i'll post it here when it's finished.

hubby is working until midnight on the budget so i'll have plenty of time.

also, how much does an electric stapler cost because we will need one.



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Here is the rough scetch of the one i'm building, it's very simular in design to one i saw on an online pet store that i couldn't get but it's wider and has a few other differences


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Here is a link to the plans of the cat tree that Renny & I built. It was pretty easy to make. Renny's cats Rambo & Lucky love it. Lightning my little guy uses his all the time. I have staple gunned some toys to it so he can bat them around.

There is a link to the plans for it.

It stands about 5 feet tall.

Apparently my pictures arn't coming up. So I put the url's for the pictures below the tags.


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Looks good. A good, sturdy design. The only thing is you need to make sure that the platforms that only have one support (I see two, I think?) are well balanced and stable. It may be a bit difficult to ensure that depending on your construction methods.

The electric stapler I got was about $30USD, which is definitely on the low end of things, but for something that's only going to be used very occasionally, it was more than adequate.
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