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oh HOW embarassing!!

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OMG.... I'm sorry, but I have to share this. I can't believe what an idiot I was!! With all the moving around and upheaval, a couple of days ago, I found myself up a ladder re-hanging the livingroom lights. After having disconnected it all, re-wired and re-hanging the support, I then got my jersey sleeve caught on one of the lights. It's a tri-light doofer with lots of curly-wurly fancy bit son it.... no matter what I did I could not untangle my sleeve from the lights... so I finished up wriggling myself out of the jersey. All well and good - would have been better if I'd been wearing a t-shirt under it really. Yes, that's where it all started to go wrong. As I have no curtains, and rather big livingroom windows... I found that I was very soon standing on one leg, up a ladder with my wrists tangled around them, above my head in a jersey tangled up on my lighs. And staring straight at a bloke I used to work with - who happened to have chosen to walk his dog up the lane at the back of the house. The worst thing is... because my hands were tied up above my head, I couldn't cover myself up, so I did a really clever thing. I waved. He waved back and walked off. I had to stay up there for an hour before mum came home and untangled me. Meanwhile people had been walking backwards and forwards past the house.

Only me.... I hope that made someone laugh!!
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That's so funny! I can just imagine you trying to get out of that situation with all those people walking by! It's good you can laugh about it now!
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I don't have much of a choice - it's the only time my boobs have been on display without having been paid for it first!! I suppose it gives another meaning to the phrase "window-shopping"
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I suppose it does!
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....... sorry, but that's hilarious!!! I would've died from embarrassment!!
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Oh Emma!!
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OMG ! That sounds like something that would be on some sort of a sit-com! I know you were totally mortified, but I laughed out loud at the picture it brought to mind!
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Definitely sit-com material!! What a picture! But yes, how embarrassing!
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OMG ! I've been terribly depressed all morning, but THAT made me laugh my butt off!! Thanks!
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LOL That is TOO funny and totally sounds like something I'd do! Thanks for making me smile today!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Oh Emma!!
.. and you couldn´t to say " Muahahahaha! ... .....
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Oh my....LOL that would happen to me!
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What a way to make an impression on the new neighbors! That is hilarious.
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