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What's your hillbilly name?

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Bessie Mae Thurmond aka Tillie
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My name is Billie Jane Winchester but everybody calls me Shawna!
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Thats weird AP, you and I have the same name!! :laughing:
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hey y'all I am Bessie Jean Carter also known as Jenny :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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Ya'll I am know as: Billie Jane Stanton but everyone calls me Tillie! :LOL:
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Bessie Mae Carter....aka Jennie
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My hillbilly name is Billie Jean Carter aka Bess...

My Viking name- Ivarr the Apocalypse

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It's Unanimous!

Bessie Mae Carter....aka Jennie is my hillbilly name. You know what they say about great minds, right Daniela?? I've come to the conclusion that it all has to do with the first letter of your first name. I wonder if we were twins in another lifetime? Oh well.
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Howdy. My name is Betty Sue Stanton but ya'll can call me Shawna.
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Hmmm... Bessie Mae Carter aka Shawna.

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Billie Ray Carter also aka Shawna. Huh?
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Billie Jean Winchester aka Mabel
Valgaror the Axe
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How you be? I is Bubba Ray McCoy, but everybody calls me Earl!


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...and, lo, I shall be called:

Your name is Billy Bob Taylor but everyone calls you Buster.

Hmmm, this one may come in handy...

Buster (Bill)
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Bessie Jean Winchester aka Shawna
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Well, I'm Billie Jane Carter, also known as Bess by all my bar mates, but I think I prefer my Viking name, Bjorn The Impaler! Pretty impressive, huh?
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I am Billie Sue Stanton, but my friaends call me Reba
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