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Litter Training

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The babies at my house are 5 weeks old and eating food. Which means no more poo duty for momma. My problem is, i can not find a litter filler that the babes wont eat or use for that matter. Any suggestions are greatly appreicated, thanks.
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It really isn't the litter they have a problem with, but instead what the litter is placed in. Best litter boxes for kittens that age are cake pans. You can buy the disposable foil ones, they have low sides and the kittens can get in and out easier. Just don't use clumping litter, and expect that the kittens will sample the litter, they all do. After all, it is right there at the level they can reach it-
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And it is new fun stuff they don't know about yet! *grin*

I use a plain, unscented clay litter for training purposes. Yes, they do try to eat it, but normally will spit it right back out again. Silly babies!
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well I will try clay litter again, cause I know the problem isnt that they can get in it. They sleep in the box when ever it is clean. I just i was just worried about them getting sick. Being an overprotective grandma I guess.
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Ok now that I got them to stop eating the litter! How do I get them to use the box? They still do their business where ever they please. The kitty room is getting to be pretty stinky with 8 babies going where ever!
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I had the same questions as you a couple of weeks ago. My foster kittens are 7 weeks old now, and just the other day started to use the litter box on their own. What I did was put them in it after every nap and every meal. Of course, they'd just jump right out but I'd keep putting them back in it until they went potty.......this takes a ton of patience because one kitten in particular jumped out about 25-30 times each time I put her in there before she'd actually use the litter box. But they got the idea, and now they go to the litter box whenever they have to use it.
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