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Hello Everyone!!!

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Hello all! I'm new here, started a new thred the other day when my baby Lilly started getting very sick. She's doing much better now, but I wanted to let you all know more about my kitties.

My name is Christy, my husband and I have 4 cats (5 including my brothers cat, I take more care of him than my brother does lol). They are Pume Pume, Angel, Spike, and Lilly.

Pume Pume was found on the side of the road when he was about 3 weeks old, covered in pesticide. We took him straight in, and he's had our hearts ever since. That was almost 3 years ago. He's kinda on the chubby side, but we love him anyway. He's a black and white shorthair with those big green eyes you can't say no to. lol We named him Pume Pume after my friends cat, who got mangled by his neighbors dogs in 2001.

Angel we got from a sweet lady who was needing to find good homes for her kittens. Angel looks like a long haired calico, but when I looked in a cat book she resembles more of some sort of Norwegian cat. I wish I had the actual name of the breed. She's very sweet and loving, that being why we named her Angel. She's kinda demanding for attention sometimes, but we love her anyway.

Spike and Lilly are brother and sister from Angel's first (and hopefully only) litter. Spike is very cute and sweet, he acts just like his mommy. He's an orange and white tabby with long hair (strange because his dad was Balinese and his mom is some form of Norwegian cat). We named him Spike cause his hair sticks up on the top of his head all the time. lol
Lilly we are having some trouble with at the moment. I had created a thread for her when I started having problems with her (Kitten Not Eating... Help!) and I'm going to continue to keep that update. Lilly is a beautiful long haired black cat. She's a very sweet kitten and, being the runt of the litter, very delicate, so we named her Lilly like a delicate flower.

It's nice to find a place where I can talk about my babies and people understand what we're all going through. This is the first cat forum I've joined, and I'm not going anywhere else!
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Welcome to TCS - Its great to hear Lilly is doing better.
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Hello Christy, welcome to the site I am happy to hear that Lilly is getting better
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi there and welcome to TCS!
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Hi, it's nice to have you here. I'm new too. Isn't this a wonderful place? Your brood sounds so delightful.
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Nice to meet you! So glad to hear your kitty is doing better. This is an awsome site, I just found it recently as well but love it here. So much great info and the nicest people I have met on forums.
Have fun
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Welcome to TCS Christy.
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Hi Christy. Welcome to TCS! I'm glad to hear that Lilly is getting better. Hope to see pictures of your furbabies soon.
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hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums
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Thanks everyone, I am glad to be here on this site! You all are so nice and friendly. I do hope to be posting pictures of my cats soon, they are just so cute! Lilly will be coming home tomorrow, hopefully everything goes ok, but I'll keep my other thread updated! Thanks all!
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Welcome and good vibes for Lily. She sounds adorable. All your cat sound wonderful.

I'm sure we would all love to see pictures soon.

This is the best site ever. I've been to others and I have to say none can compare.
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Hi! How much does Pume Pume weigh? My kitties are 13.1 and 13.8 pounds. I have them on a diet but am being careful, for the vet told me they can easily get feline anorexia if I cut back too drastically. My name is Bobbie.

I am hoping all is well with Lilly.
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I don't know exactly how much he weighs, but the last time he was weighed he weighted 8 pounds, but he's gained at least 3-5 since then. It's hard to have him on a diet with 4 cats in the same house, all of them eating different things. Lilly's on canned food, Spike is eating kitten chow, Angel is eating a vegetable dry food that she really likes, and Pume Pume is on an adult weight control diet. I am afraid to get a job because I'm afraid my cats will all starve if I am gone all day! lol So far, though, I don't know if Pume Pume has lost any weight, since I haven't weighed him. I haven't noticed any difference though. I do worry about him, he's only 2 years old (3 in August). I feel like such a bad mommy, letting him get like that. It all kinda happened at once though, like within 6 months. I think it's cute that he's so big like my own personal teddy bear (that sheds like the trees in the fall lol) but I know it's got to be hard on him. When he jumps on the bed it feels like a human is sitting down, and he slips when he jumps on the bathroom counter. I dunno, I guess one kitty at a time. We get Lilly back, then we fix Pume Pume's weight, then Angel (spayed) and Spike (neutered).

If you have any ideas of what food might work well for him to lose weight please let me know, I'll try just about anything to help him as long as he's not alergic to it. He seems to have alot of alergic reactions. He had an alergic reaction to a flea bite, and a certain chemical in a flea collar, so who knows what else he's alergic to.
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welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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