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Sugartoes Kitten Picks-Warning-May Be Addictive!

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Sugartoes had her kittens 5/21/05. Here are pics at 3 weeks old. First the little tortie girl, Smartie:

Next, the tiger kittens, orange boy Twinkie, and brown tabby (with orangish tabby areas) Hershey Kiss:

(Don't worry, Twinkies eyes are both fully open now!)

Last and largest, or at least fluffiest, is Zero:

All up for adoption when old enough. Zero has someone with a strong interest in him (her?). Smartie and Kiss have a possibly interested future owner. No nibbles yet on Twinkie, the laid back red boy!

Sorry I have trouble with size of the pics!
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The darlings will be adopted in no time! CUTE!!!
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Four very fortunate homes will soon find out just how lucky they are.
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I love them, they are so SWEET
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Cute cute cute and very tempting since I live in IL as well!

But, we've got a "no more pets than there are people" rule in my house so, uh, we'd have to adopt a new person before we adopted a new cat, LOL!

But tooooooo cute!
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Thanks for the kind comments. Extier, you are right. These kittens are going to make great cats. They already seek attention from people, they purr when petted, and are just little sweethearts!

And OllyExtra05, I do have lots of kids, but I better not adopt them out with the kits, dh might complain! LOL! We have 5 people here, and 3 "keeper" pets inside, plus the 5 fosters. And 3 horses out, and 5 or 6 cats. I guess we're a little pet greedy! But with 4 acres, why not?!?

Maybe we can meet when there is a CatSite meeting in this part of the country!
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Wow they are adorable. I really like Hershey Kiss!
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Too bad you don't live in Georgia...otherwise I'd be CLAMORING for Zero!!!
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They are so cute! That is tempting...I like Twinkie and I live in St. Louis, MO. My husband would leave me though
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Oh, my goodness! I am so proud to hear your kind comments, you would almost think I had given birth to them myself!

AbbysMom, Little Kiss looks like she is a brown tabby, but she has a few "faded" spots on her, that are more orange. She will end up being very beautiful.

And ugaimes, I have already spoiled Zero. I put some of Momma's wet food on my fingertip a few days ago and let him lick it off. He remembers, and keeps trying to suck on my finger now. I can just see him growing up to nip at fingers, and all my fault. He is precious.

And Goosehazel, little Twinkie is so laid back. He is going to be like Uncle Garfield when he grows up, just loving everyone and everything. He plays with the rest, but never is the first to attack. His eyes opened last. Sometimes they are playing, and he will be sound asleep. Just a sweet baby.

Gosh, can you tell I'm in love? With all the ups and downs, I definitely recommend fostering a litter of kittens. They are so sweet!
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Aww, they are so adorable. kittens are so sweet, aren't they?
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Oh, yeah, they are sweet! I showed off their pics at work, and another person is interested in Smartie (the tortie girl!). They will be four weeks old tomorrow-it is hard to believe!
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