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Sick kitty won't eat!

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My newly adopted kitten, Zayne (3 months), came with an URI. Despite my efforts to keep it from spreading, my other kitty, Miakoda (10 months) caught it. They have both been to the vet and are on different medications. I have been keeping them separated to avoid the ping pong effect. Zay still sneezes occasionally and has a stuffy nose but eats and plays like normal. Mia seems to have it worse. She's extremely stuffy, has been running a fever, and won't eat or play. We think she has a sore throat. I've tried soft food and can food from the vet... she wouldn't touch either. Today I resorted to feeding her baby food using a dropper... she didn't take it easily and put up quite a fight. We still have a week to go on the meds. Any suggestions on getting her to eat? My heart aches to see them like this, especially Mia. She was so peppy and energetic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!
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does she still groom herself?
If she does, you could always put a little bit of canned food on her paw. She'll probably clean her paws by licking it off.
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Usually, when a cat can't smell it's food, it won't recognize it as food.
You said she is stuffed up.
Try something really stinky, like fishy stinky, her normal food with tuna water poured over it perhaps, or a tuna, or salmon canned kitten food.
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You could also try some chicken babyfood, that always works with mine. Just make sure its just chicken, nothing else in it like salt, garlic, etc. Mine will eat that when they wont eat anything else when they are sick.
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There are drops you can get to put in her nose- lil drops, they use them on babies. Administer the drops prior to giving her food and afterward. How long has she not eating? You can also warm up the canned food to wake up the flavors.
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If you think her throat/mouth is sore, I wonder if she has ulcers in her mouth? There is a medication that would coat and soothe, as I recall, called carafate that your vet could prescribe if they felt it would be appropriate.

I agree with the stinky/strong smelling fish - dried bonito flakes (from an asian grocery, or any of the varieties for pets - kitty kaviar, cosmic tuna flakes, dr. fosters and smith has one) sprinkled atop food may help.

If she's that stuffed up, ask your vet about using baby nasal drops (and do ask, as it may not be appropriate, and afterall, I'm not a vet). You might find it easier, since she's not accepting being dropper fed, to take a ground canned food, roll some into a pea sized bit and pop that into the side of her mouth - near her teeth so she can chew it and won't choke. It takes a while, but you can get some food into her this way.

I hope they both feel better soon!
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you can also supplement with nutri-cal, it's a high calorie food supplement with vitamins, at least for the meantime.
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Thanx all. The vet did suggest using baby saline drops and they help some but, of course, she hates that also. You've all made great suggestions and I will try them out. Thanx again!
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