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Mmmm.....used to live there and love Carsen's ribs. Have you ever tried Gail Street Inn ribs? Actually better than Carsen's. It's in a north-west suburb somewhere.

We have a smoker. We spice up the ribs the night before and put them in a ziploc bag. About noon, we start up the smoker at 220 degrees F, add some flavored wood chips (I like to use apricot wood or other good fruit wood), throw them on for 3 hours, wrap them in foil and leave them on another 3 hours, then open the foil and sauce them up with a little bit of sauce and leave them on for another hour.

It may sound like a lot of work but that's what husbands are for. I prepare the ribs and provide the recipes. He does all the cooking.

And I did have Smokestack ribs last night with leftovers for dinner tonight. Sunday we'll smoke a fresh batch of ribs along with a big rolled pork roast. Dinner for all of next week.
Lemme just pick my jaw up off the floor...!