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my kitty is pregnant

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hi everyone, boy do i feel stupid, awhile back i was asking for advise because my female would'nt breed with the male i sent her to...well i was wrong ...i can exspect babies in mid july!!! should i put her on any kind of special diet or give her vitimins? all she eats right now is the fish and shrimp feast (fancy feast) and nine lives hard food, i'm thinking thats enough because she eats like a horse...
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She should be on a quality kitten food, for the nutrients and everything she will need while carrying babies....
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I usually don't post here in the breeders forum but what the heck...9 Lives is such a horrible quality of food and especially a mother-to-be should be on a high quality cat food like Nutro or Chicken Soup or Wellness or one of those kind that you get at a speciality pet store or from the vets office. Any food that comes from a grocery store is of poor quality and can lead to many health problems.

I use Chicken Soup and my cats love it. I used to use Nutro which is great too. Search around here for other recommendations on GOOD food. Think of it this way, it is like a person eating McDonalds everyday. It is food and has some good things in it, but it is so full of junk that no one in their right mind would eat it all the time, ya know?
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My suggestion, read the ingredience labels, and stay away from corn meal, ground corn meal, and by products. I used to use nutro as well, and now use a mix of Chicken Soup For The Cat Lovers Soul, and Purina One, but do read the labels as some of the Purina has corn meal and by products.
Keep us posted about the kittens when they arrive I would love to see photos of mom and kittens.Best of luck to you.
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Oh dear!!!
does your cat love this food so???? as a retired vet i would like to ask you whether you have tried her on other foods???? if not gradually change her to a kitten food rich in all a kitten and mum to be needs.......don't take her off the kitten food until she has finished nursing.....its the same as calcium dificiency in humans and can cause problems.
all the luck in the world.xxxx
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