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Favorite Thing About Your Kits

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I was sitting on the couch and over the coffee table, I could see Leo's tail go by (he was blocked by the coffee table) and it was all happy and high in the air and at the very top, he has a little white tip (much of the rest of him is brown tabby, except for a triangle on his face, his belly, his paws and the tip of his tail). It makes me smile every time I see it!

So, I was wondering, what, physically, is your favorite part of your kitties?
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I love Abby's eyes. They are green but are an even deeper green right aroudn the pupil......
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Your Leo looks like my Seamus. My favorite part of Seamus is his toes. I love that he's got black and pink ones and one is both black and pink. And I love his belly. When I come home, he always wants a little cuddling and will lay across my shoulder and spread his legs so I can rub his belly.
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Well mine is..totally I'd have to say his eyes.
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I like Garfield's (orange tabby) light orange tummy, when he rolls on his back it is so cute! I like Festus' (brown mackerel tabby) side, because she has spots instead of stripes!

I like Sugartoes' toes, they are light orange, when the most of the rest of her is dark tortie. I like Will's nose, it is pink with gray spots that make him look like a grey tuxedo kitty PIG!
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I just LOVE Princess's purr!

...and Orei's love to be hugged and kissed!
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I love that part of cj that goes the tip of his nose to right between his eyes. It is my fav place to give him kisses. I also love his feet. I love his face. He has the sweetest little face.
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I love it when Limerick curls up on my lap and sleeps. He purs and rubs and just loves the attention
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Chucky - His feet - they point outward so when he runs he looks like a pigeon accept he is Orange and white

Max - His Belly - it droppy

Ive - His tail is so puffy

Jeanie - Her eyes are so pretty

Titden - Her front paws are doubled, they look like boxing cloves

Buddy - His face is so cute he always looks like he is smiling

Ricky - His Eyes are so big and serious looking

Lacie - Her fur is so pretty, she is a tortious shell kitty. So pretty..
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It has to be the black smudges on both their noses but when Rosie looks at me and we do the slow blinking thing at each other she looks like she's smiling back at me and i love it!

Sophies eyes are huge as well and i love those!

EDIT: How on earth could i forget Rosie's chattering?!
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Well for me, if I had to narrow it down:

Trixie has the most beautiful eyes......

Petals has the cutest purr button spot on her chin

Tiggy just melts my heart when he meows and hardly anything comes out.

I think I melt the most though when they do headbutts though.
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Snickers furry beard & floofy tail. His beard is so floofy, his face is triangular, and the way he stares at me is so sweet.

Dusty's got perfectly round, HUGE green-apple colored eyes! Gorgeous!

Hammie... I like his looooong tail, and his racing stripes that go down each side of his face.

Zorro's got a heart shape marking on his left shoulder. Never saw a cat with markings quite like him; he wears a mask and he's got that perfect heart shape.

Miss Jess does this thing with her face when she's purring & happy... she pooches out her cheeks and closes her eyes. It's cute!

And K.C., physically she's a tiny runt, sort of like a black rat... such a pretty little thing!
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Scottie -- I love his nose. He has a very pronounced dent in the middle of his nose that is just adorable....and that he loves rubbed.

Pepper -- Love the bottom of his feet. Some of his pads are pink and some's too cute.

Belle -- Her "pants". She has the super furry thighs and short haired feet. It looks like she's wearing clown pants.

Sissy -- Her meow. It's so pathetic. she's my old lady girl.

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Katie - how sleek and shiny she is, just a beautiful cat
Gracie - love what I call my "Gracie Face" - beautiful green eyes and an adorable black spot on her nose
Pete - his cute pink nose and gentle golden eyes
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Cosette- it has to be her looooooong, white whiskers! She's so small still, so her whiskers are really overwhelming and ear tufts!
Eponine- Her fur and poofy tail. I have yet to see any other cat with coloring quite like hers
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