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The CATfeteria is now open

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There were more cats than I had lens for! But here is feeding time at the zoo showing half of my crew

And when the Team was little, this is how they charged
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Those are great!

I have trouble keeping up with your crew, but is that Bacardi in the second pic, far left, with the mask? And 3rd from bottom of top pic too?
What an adorable face!
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I love it when you posts pics of the crew MA!

keep em coming!
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WOW those pictures are just incredible......amazing brood!
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Yep, that is Bacardi on the left draped over her black and white brother. BTW she could sure use a prayer or two- it turns out she does have feline hyperesthesia and we are hoping that the new medication will kick in soon. She has gone from lovable kitty to "psychotic kitty" there is a post about it in the Health Forum. So keep a good thought for her if you will....and thanks!
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Prayers and good thoughts being sent to Bacardi.

Showing my ignorance here, but what is hyperesthesia? Or if its too much hassle to explain, do you have a link you could post
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I just went to the Health forum and found your link to that health site...WOW!
Thats really quite a detailed place!

Hyperesthesia sounds a little like epilepsy, poor Bacardi!

Its good that theres medication for it, I hope it helps.
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The brood sure looks content! Nice pics, MaryAnne.
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Hiss, great pics! Good thing you use Duracell and not Energizer so they don't keep going and going and going, etc.

Sorry to hear about Bacardi...thankfully, there's help available.

You're a fantastic cat pet!:LOL:

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