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New kitten is pooping everywhere

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Please help I have just got a new kitten two weeks ago, but I cant get him to use the litter tray. He always goes behind the couch. I tried moving the litter tray to there but he just wont use it. I changed the litter type but nothing is working. Id be grateful for your suggestions Thanks
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How old is your new kitten?

You said that you have him for 2 weeks now...has he ever used the litter tray?
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He is probably just way to young and can't get over the edge of a regular litter tray. Use a cake pan instead, give him two or three. You can buy them cheaply enough at any grocery store and they are easier for little legs to get over.
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With very young kittens, it sometimes helps to also confine them to a large dog crate(or small bathroom) for a few days, until they are using the litter reliably.
It doesn't take long at all for them to get it!
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Hi thanks for your help, I was told that he was eight weeks when I got him so he is now ten weeks. No he has never used the litter tray. I will let you know how I get on with your suggestions. Thanks
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Please help ive tried confining him to the bathroom but he still poops everywhere except the litter tray. I took him to the vet but he can see no problems with his health what else can i do? Im beginning to lose my patience and I love him to bits but this has to stop
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Please don't be upset with your kitty. I think that a cat's instinct is to bury their poop. You still need to keep your kitty confined until you discover what is wrong. I am not an expert about this but I do know that many sites have advice about this problem.
Here are a few ideas that you may not have tried. Make sure that her food & water are not near her litter area. Do you clean the areas were your kitty has pooped so that no scent is left? Have you checked out the bottom of your kitties paws for possible cuts that may hurt when she steps into the litter. Use a no scent litter for sure. I would have a radio play soft music in the area where your kitty is confined, so that she is not stressed by noise in your home. Remember....your kitty can feel your stress. That may be adding to the problem. I wish I could offer more help but there is a solution...keep looking until you find it. I'm sure that other members will have some good ideas for you.
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Try Cat Attract litter. It's supposed to attract cats to it.
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You may want to take a peek at this thread .
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