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2nd stage labor?

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Missy has been in labor for 22 hours now since i have noticed her contractions, so it might be more. it is her first litter.

I noticed yesterday when she began having contractions, her stomach tightening a lot so i knew it was it. How will i know when the 2nd stage begins? or is she in her 2nd stage now?

She has been in one spot for several hours.

During each contraction, i hear her breathing loud, more of a loud whispering sound, she seems calm though,loud purring, but i see her pack paws curl, like she is uncomfortable. She also stretches during each contraction. Her contractions are around 3 minutes. Is this 2nd stage?

What body movements do they make when they are ready to expel the kittens?

I have been reading so much about labor and delivery and now that the time has come its like i forgot everything, and cant find the answers


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Cats purr to comfort themselves when they are in pain. I hope an expert comes to answer soon because I would think it is time for a vet intervention - it is an awfully long time if she has been in true labour. Can you talk to a vet on the phone and get some advice?
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Yes, I have spoke to a vet earlier this morning, she said that for a first time mom cat, it is very normal for her to be in her 1st stage for up to 34 or 36 hours. She hasnt been straining yet, just being very calm. Looks like it has gotten more uncomfortable with each contraction in the last 2 hours.
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I would say the babies should begin arriving just as you are drifting off to sleep tonight - put on the coffeemaker and get comfy. Sounds like it may be a long night for you!

I will be online off and on tonight, so if you run into problems, just let me know and I will try to get you through as best I can. Keep the number of your ER vet closeby just in case, but let's hope for the best for now.

Best of luck and I will be checking in periodically -

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Gayef. Yes you were right

she went into hard labor at 12 am and done by 4am.

She had a healthy litter of 4! they are soo adorable. I will post pics today. It has been 7 hours now. Can there still be more? It does look like she is done.

Wow i did not know labor in cats was sooo tough! God bless them..
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Congratulations on the four new ones. I am so glad it all turned out well. What colours are they?
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Missy is black with white - 3 of the kittens are grey and 1 is black.. The father is a grey ragdoll . It is so exciting watching these kittens. Tooo cute.
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Congratulations!! They sound adorable.
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Awwww congratulations on the new babies! I can't wait to see some pictures
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Thanks =)

I will post pictures as soon as i figure out how to put them on the computer. lol HUbby usually does that stuff, but hes at work now..

I noticed though that one of the babies isnt suckling or hasnt been for about an hour, is this normal? Her belly does look a little plump. Taking a break? or should i force it too eat? how often should they take breaks?
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Remember to breathe! Babies don't nurse 24/7 and yes, little breaks between sessions are normal. If she doesn't nurse in about 3 hours, let me know and we'll discuss it further.
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Congrats on the babies, I have a Missy too she had 5 kittens 5 weeks ago.
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OK all babies suckling now

congrats on your little ones missym!
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I wanted to post some pictures of the kittens. I cant seem to find out how. Do i need a photohost?
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I cant figure out the photos on here, but here is the link to the album.

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