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Upper Respitory Infection & Ringworm

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I purchased a kitten from my local shelter a couple weeks ago and I ended up taking her to the vet a couple days ago. She has had this upper respitory infection for those two weeks now and it still isn't better. He told me that it takes time for cats to get over them. She's sneezing like 50 times an hour now and I'm very worried that it's just getting worse. On top of that she has ringworm. I feel sort of cheated in a way that I didn't get a healthy kitten from the shelter, but I love her now and I want to help her get better. I have an oral, topical, and shampoo for the ringworm. I just wish she would get the URI under control and stop sneezing, it sounds like it hurts her. Anyone know about these respitory infections? do they take forever to go away?
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They can take some time to go away.
Just stay on top of those meds, and if you've got one, a humidifier can help greatly.

My 3 month old kitten had a URI and sinus infection when I got her, it took a full month to get both under control.

Kittens though, are so great at bouncing back from almost anything, just hang in there
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Two weeks and still sneezing, especially 50 times an hour, seems more severe than the usual URI.
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What, exactly, did the vet give you in the way of antibiotic for the URI?

The sneezing I generally attribute to dry air and/or dust/pollen allergies at this time of year (dust in my case), hence the humidifier.

If you are very worried, I would suggest a second opinion from another vet.
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I got from the vet Amoxicillian (sp?) for the URI, my kitten actually **likes** to take it if you can believe that.
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My kittens were on Amoxicillan for upper respiratory also. It did take some time, but the antibiotic worked like a dream. They also loved taking it...must taste good. As already stated, kittens bounce back...they are very resiliant.

As far as ringworm goes...well, my cats/kittens never had it but I did from touching my ferals. Not fun.
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I also adopted my cat form a shelter and she came with worms, and upper respiratory infection, a skin condition, severe ear mites, conjunctivitus and soemthign else that I forget right now. We had a lot of questiosn about why we woudl adopt a cat with so many problems. As I told them, we fell in love with her and if I didn't take care of all of her little problems, who would? You are doing a good thing by taking care of her problems.

One of the biggest problems we have had to overcome was the lack of trust she had in us. She was VERY afraid of people and giving her the medications did not help. We have made huge strides now. Our little girl did sneeze for a long time after being on the medication. Just as I was getting ready to call the vet because I thought it was going on too long, it started to get better.
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Not familiar with kitties and URI but I am familiar with kities and ringworm. My kitty still has it. My vet said it can take 6 weeks to get rid of. He put her on amoxicilan and cream. She was doing great so he said take her off the amox and just do the cream. She broke out worse than before. We now have her off the cream and just on the amox and she is doing a lot better again. My kitty likes to take the amox too. I guess we should just count ourselves lucky for that!!

I do agree with checking with another vet. They are not perfect and a second opinion would also make you feel better. Our clinic has more than one and they are very good about letting you see the other vet if you have concerns. Sorry you ran into such bad luck but sounds like she has a good mommy now!!! I am sure she will bouce back.
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I will be praying that your sweet kitten heals quickly.
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Fingers crossed for your kitties health.
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Hi. I rescued a cat from a rescue society that had this. Sneezing everywhere! I took him to a vet who explained that cats have a proclivity for the herpes virus, the same virus that causes cold sores in humans, but it causes cold like symptoms in cats. He did not put our cat on antibiotics. He suggested things that boost their immune system such as L-lysine which is a vitamin you can get at any store. Just crush half a pill a day and put it in their food. It will still take a good 3 weeks or more for them to get over it completely but this does help dramatically. Also, don't feed them cheap cat food as it has stuff they cant' process as easily which takes away from their healing ability.
If the cat is really stuffed up it won't want to eat so make sure to get food and the lysine down. Hope your kitty gets better soon!
PS I have a brand new shelter kitty at home with a URI right now so I am right there with you!
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L-Lysine is effective in the long term treatment of feline herpes, and a major symptom of this URI is big sneezing attacks, as well as swollen eyes. Antibiotics are also important to treat/prevent secondary bacterial infections, but if things aren't getting better your vet may want to switch antibiotics. Amoxi is mild and may not be strong enough. You may want to consider Clavamox, or if the kitten is old enough, Zenequin. He also needs anti-fungal cream for the ringworm.
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rite now i have four cats they all have the symptoms of having URI. i have amoxi and was wondering how much should i give to each one and how often. the amoxi i have isnt liquid its the pill form can i crush it and mix it in food or water? any help would be greatly appreciated
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Regarding the ringworm, here are some SUPER products that helped me to get rid of ringworm in just 1.5 months. I used these products in conjunction with the oral meds, and they worked great for us (particularly in getting rid of the spores in the house)

They worked so well that our vet bought some to keep on hand in the office.
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I got my kitten when she was 6 months (she was feral) and now she is 8 months! When I got her she had a URI and was put on amoxicillin to fight it off! My kitten also had ringworm on her ear and was perscribed a smelly solution that had to be applied once every 5 days for 4 weeks! Some type of Lime formulation (perscribed by the vet)? Im sure someone will provide me with the technical term for that! Anyways the ringworm cleared up and the URI did as well! She actually passed the URI to my 5 year old cat! Alot of Kittens, rescues, ferals are subject to colds and URI's so I have been told! Where I live it was freezing and her adoption agency was transporting her in and out of a car to find her a home! Just keep touching base with the vet at any moment of concern!

Do not use human strength amoxicillin... A doctor will provide you with the proper quantity... i found it easiest to use the liquid form... It was baby amoxicillin and she had to take it twice a day!
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