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I am brand new to the site and am extremely impressed. I've seen several other sites like this, or that try to be, but thecatsite is so clear, so organised, SO inclusive, and so funly (is that a word?) designed! It's great, and someone deserves a whole lot of credit. On behalf of all of us, thanks.
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The praise goes to Anne...and I'm so glad you posted this!

We appreciate her and love her so much! She has built a wonderful site, and so diligently mainains iit...and in case you didnt know, she is pregnant, and has had some rough times with her pregnancy (I hope you don't mind me saying this Anne).

She also has terrific moderators, and an incredible amount of educated and knowledgeable people here, not to mention as "lay folks" with first hand experience to share.

All in all...this is by far the best CatSite on the web...Welcome!
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Thank you! It's always nice to hear... I am very proud of TCS, but like Cleo said, the forums are a community and it's the community members and moderators that make this such a wonderful place. I enjoy being here too!
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