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Kitten Jumps on Stove

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One of my two kittens, Luke (~4 months), is quite the jumper and has recently been able to get onto to the kitchen counter by jumping on the stove. This is a double problem...1) What if the stove is on and he jumps up there... and 2) The kitchen counter is where we place all the stuff we want to keep away from the kittens (foods, flowers, anything..). So my question is does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep luke from jumping up on the stove?

Stove in question to help give ideas..
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Cleaning the top and front frequently with a citrus smelling cleaner will work. For your counters, set out small aluminum trays with water in them, when the cat jumps up, he lands in the water, won't like it and will jump down.
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I will give that a try. Thanks for the quick response.
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Maybe Luke is just practicing his Jedi tricks??? (sorry, couldn't resist that)

My cat, Hammie, did the same thing *several times* as a kitten. He just couldn't stand to be away from me, had to be RIGHT ON ME (still does), so therefore, that meant jumping on the stove. Your post reminded me of my post 3 yrs ago, when he actually DID jump on the stove and burnt his paw pads.

I self treated him after it happened, but he still did not learn after that first time. He did it a few more times and finally just learned. Now, when the cats walk across my stove to reach the garden window or the sink? they walk around the burners. Eventually... they learn.

I didn't cover the stove or anything, just when the stove was on back in Hammie's kittenhood, I'd stand near it and watch carefully.
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