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sloganize yourself

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Visit [ http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi ] and enter your name as the keyword + hit the sloganize button. Then add your personalized slogan to the list!
1. Meiam-"Meiam-It's what's for dinner"
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okay i did both my name and handle


mferr84- is mferr84 in you?

meagan- the meagan that refreshes.
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Only Tanya can prevent forest fires
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Out Of The Strong Came Forth Cindy.

Kittenkrazy Comes to Those Who Wait.
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Leah really satisfies.
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Double the Pleasure, Double the Megan. wait....im not good enough for just one of me?
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"Try Catherine, you'll like it."

Some of these are starting to sound like questionalbe films.
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Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Patty.
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Snap into a Moochnnoodles! Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Leighann. </FONT>
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Gail: Pride of the Gail for over a Hundred Years (Whats up with that???)
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Eileen makes everything better.
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'Mama's got the Magic of Nathan'..............I sure hope not!
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Show Me The Lovey!!!
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holy crud this is funny...

"The Incredible, Edible Darkeyedgirl."

so now I'm an egg?!
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An army of Pamela I sure can use an army of myself - ohh imagine how many things I would be able to accomplish AND do!?

Another one they came up with for my name-
Watch out, There's a Pamela About How strange...

Often my friends and co workers would say that- "Watch out- here comes Pamela" or something like that! I think it's because I tend to tease them a lot.. What a coincidence...

Here's one I think is a BIT NAUGHTY... Is it???

All the Pamela that's fit to print
Does that sound a bit naughty or am I being paranoid?
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I LOVE this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OOPS.. I better get back to work and stop surfing on TCS! TCS is a BAD influence for me at work!
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Mine was

I Think, therefore Kelly. (?)
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Give the Dog a Cassie.

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Cassandra.

Refreshes the Cjandbilly Other Beers Cannot Reach.
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Make It A Laurel Night.

Thats great!!! :P Every night should be a Laurel night...
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Are you all ready for this?!.

Lipsmackin, thirstquenchin, acetastin, motivatin, goodbuzzin, cooltalkin, highwalkin, fastlivin, evergiven, coolfizzin, ROSIEMAC!

Then my real name is: Susan is good for you!
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So Easy, No Wonder Ashley is #1.

Every Kiss Begins With Ash_bct.

I should be embarrassed
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Ding Dong! Karen Calling!
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Splash Kellye All Over.

My Goodness, My Kiwideus!

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Peedoodle Keeps Going and Going.

Yep, that sounds about right!

The Kahu Breakfast.

Well, Kahu does demand his breakfast of wet food every morning! That fits.
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:-o Theres more than one way to eat a royalenchntrss... LOL

Chocolate Stacy since 1911..

Pardon me do you have any grey Finnegan?

PLease dont squeeze the Shadow

The too good to hurry John.. hehehe
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"Joanne is our middle name"
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Nothing Works Better Than a Rachael.

Don't Just Book It, Garfield It.

Hahaha!!! ----^
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Always After Me Daidreamer.
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This one is kinda sweet....
Emily is my antidrug!
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Mama's got the Magic of Mary.

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