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The growth is back

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At my cats yearly checkup last year we noticed a growth on my cats side. The vet messed with it and it just peeled off. She said is looked like calcuim deposits??? The expence in our area is just to much for us to send it away for analysis. The vet said not to worry about it unless it comes back. Well I think it has been about a year and it is back. I just can't afford any expensive treatments so if the vet thinks it is life threatening or causing the animal pain we will have to have him put down. If that is the only option then I will just have to do what must be done. I would hate to do that if it is something treatable and our vet is just not worldly enough to have seen this before. Is there a web site anyone could suggest that I could do some research on this myself? Has anyone seen this type of thing before?

It kinda looks like a mole on the outside and the inside looks like little balls of raw skin all bunched together. Last time Luke left it alone unless he noticed it or if we messed with it then he would lick it until it bled. So far he has not done that and the kids are gone for a coulpe of weeks for the summer so they have not been aggrivating it either. They will be back though in 2-3 weeks.

We have always used non scented litter and about a year ago the little stores around here quit selling non scented and we had to switch. Is this possibly an allergic reaction? I don't think so because it is just in one spot and the same exact spot as last time.

If I could just figure out what it is and if there is a treatment I am sure my vet would try it. She is really sweet and fairly smart just very young but very good with the animals. There is an older vet in our clinic that I could also ask to look at it but he mostly works with large animals(horses, cows). The small animal vet that had been there for years retired. The other vet in our area feeds baby puppies and kittens to snakes so we refuse to see him. (A couple of years ago the whole escapade made the national news so you might have seen it. His son is the high school teacher with the snake at school and he was going to feed the puppies to the snake when a couple of girls stole the puppies from his lab.)

sorry for going on. I am on allergy meds today and having trouble focusing. Any information though would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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I was really hoping to get some insight, help, suggestions from my fellow cat lovers.
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Please understand that growths on cat are common and unless those in the know can see it for themselves, giving you advice here is a bit foolhardy. If you are unhappy with your vet that you have now, ask to see another, or seek out a feline specialist to help you. Lumps can be allergies, bug bites, abscesses, cysts, reactions to food- you name it and you have it. I doubt anyone is ignoring your request- they just can't make a good judgement call on this because they can't see it. No one here is a vet- and if this is a reoccuring lump then you need to take the steps to see what it is, regardless of the cost, There are always ways to raise money, there are vets who take payment plans, credit cards to use- something. There is however, no miracle cure on the internet that you can turn to with something like this that could be life-threatening-
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