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Is this familiar.. Public Toilet

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This is the bottom of my garden!!!

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Give me a clue what i'm looking at?, is it where the cat's go to use the toilet?
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Yes!! That huge pile is the 'litter' they use to cover up their doings lol.. I've seen at least 4 different cats using it.. it's the dead bits of the two overhanging trees lol
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As a keen gardener, I always ensure that I wear my rubber gloves now when doing the garden. Cos a few months ago my hand went right in something like that!!

Actually, Guin has a spot in the old ladys garden next door where he uses the loo. I never really see him go anywhere else except there! lol
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Well at least it's nice and private for them

Eeeek Gilly! now i have that thought of what your hand went in to!
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Lyn (neighbour) thinks that the cats poop is good for the garden I certainly don't!

My side of the garden is so well grown now, there is no way the cats can do their business cos theres no room. Even when Guin was small if I caught him about to try and go in my garden I would shoo him away!
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Funnily Moss doesn't use it.. he will only go behind the neighbours posh BMW lol.
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I've heard it said that ther prefer other peoples gardens
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I know what's in it is mingin' but I love it as well. It's so funny to look at
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i dont think mones ever used the garden. Mav ran away for five days so she must have had to go sumtime, she couldnt have held it in for that long!
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Our cats don't go out, because it's pretty busy where we live, but my mom and dad let their cats out and they use the garden to do their business on occassion. It's quite a large garden, so it must look like the world's biggest litter box to them lol. Although, now that their cats are seniors, what they do most in the garden is lay in the shady undergrowth and take cat naps.
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Reminds me of when my friend and I were leaving her place and we happen to look over and see a cat taking a crap right in her yard.
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I've never actually seen any of ours going potty outside, but I know they do, because the only time I ever have to scoop the litter is when the weather is too filthy for even a quick trip, or when it's been very wet for days and they can't find a decent spot.
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