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it is so hot here! you can't stand to go outside

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i can't belive the heat its now 84 and by noon the heat index will be 105 today temps in the uper 90s i don't know how theses people lay out on the beach what is the weather like where your at?

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Rhonda send some over this direction!. This time last week it was gorgeous, but it's chilly at the moment
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It was 75 here at 5:30 this morning, not sure what the high today is supposed to be, but was 96 yesterday, humidity was around 90%, ugh!!!
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The high today is going to be 92F with the humidity at 74%. Chance of afternoon thunderstorms and a mix of sun and clouds most of the day.

It's much easier to be laying out on the beach in weather like this than to be walking around doing other things. At the beach there's that great seabreeze and the ocean is right there to cool you off. I'm dying to be there right now.
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We had the warm weather finally move(your way!) on Monday evening. So today is breezy right now 60 degrees but still 80% humidity. THe weather will warm back up during the weekend. Right now next week will be in upper 80's which I don't like at we are finally going to start painting the other garage.
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It is 81 right now, the high is supposed to be 95 with a heat index of 106!
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It was very hot and humid here yesterday. You didn't want to go outside. The cold front came through last night and it is now cloudy, 56 degrees and 51% humidity. It feels great compared to the past week! It's a gardening day today!
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We are finally getting a short break from the heat. High in the upper 60's.
by next week back into the upper 80's to 90 and humid. I am enjoying the cool spell, so are the animals!
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It was so hot here yesterday in the Ohio Valley, I couldn't even go out fer a walk. I paced around in my office, watched the HUGE thunderstorm hit (we got quarter sized hail & 70mph winds), then it finally cooled down to like 80.

Today it's wonderful! It's not near as humid. I feel like playing hookie.
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Pretty nice here in So California, just June gloom
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It has been in the mid 30's here with a lot of humidity (95-100 F) and that is way too hot for us northerners. That kind of heat totally exhausts me and I don't want to go anywhere outside an air conditioned environment.
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Sunny, temps in the 90's and humidity at 58% today. Not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was HUMID. This summer is already better than last year. We got way too much rain last year.
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We are most likely coming to Myrtle Beach in early September.

What is the weather like then??
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100 degrees here in Savannah, with a heat index of 108. I just got home from buying groceries and thought it was hot but not THAT hot!
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Conditions at
1:09pm on 6/15/05
86.5 °F

Heat Index 83.4 °F

Today's Extremes
High Temperature 86.5 °F at 1:00pm
Low Temperature 62.6 °F at 5:58am
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