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Stools...half formed-half liquid???

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"Sigh* Okay, Timine and Luna have now been on Eukaneuba Low-residue for a week. Prior to that, every med they were given had no results. Now this food...it seems to work, finally. They go much less to the litter-box and seem to be less gasy and almost no more mucus, thank god!
The thing is, both of them, when they go (I always run to the litter box to see), it starts of with a nicely formed poo, and I'm all happy....but then half way trough it, it gets mushy and finishes amost liquid....and then my hopes are crushed... is this usual in recovering cats? I mean, they've had diarrhea for weeks, maybe it takes more time....I can't see the logic in a half/half poo...
Oh, I just love how I can go on about defecating cats like it's such a casual thing to talk about...lol That's what you become when you live with two sick kitties.
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I know exactly how you feel! I've seen me in bed in the dead of night when i've heard them in the litter box and i've jumped out just to see what their poop looked like

I've been there with both Rosie and Sophie when they were kittens and as their tummies were getting better their poop did firm up all the way through eventually
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Oh thanks!!!lol
I am not insane afterall!lol Stumbling up to the litterbox all blurry-eyed and bushy-haired in the middle of the night wheh I hear a scratching cat!lol And then they look up at me like I'm some sort of crazy person while they calmly finish to pee...lol
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I still have a good look now even though their ok!
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Hehe, I'm sure I will too. It's like an addiction!lol your kitties are just adorable! So cute!
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I'll write this in the same thread...I feel kinda bad to write all those new ones because of my minor upsets....
So yeah...my kitties are just starting to clear out the diarrhea...strangely, the smallest one seems to get better faster then her big step-brother...
The thing is, I keep picking up little drops of mushy/liquid poo on the floor. Tiny bits here and there once or twice a day, that I suspect comes form the biggest kitty...so what is that? Should I be worried? Is it normal? A bad sign?
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Theres no poop stuck to his fur is there?, i'm just thinking if there was some attached then when he's walked away it's dropped off?.

I meant to ask yesterday, have they got the upset tummies because their food has been changed?
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No, no, he regularly cleans himself, a very neat little kitty. I think it might be because he farts....maybe...lol. I've seen it happen with Luna (the smallest). A little fart as she jumps up and a little present on the floor!;P
So far, the vets and I don't know exactly why they have been sick all this time. They took all kinds of medications that never worked and just now, when they gave them this Low-residue food is it starting to get a *bit* better....appart from the little occasional drops....
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Awwwwww bless them Thats sounds like what it could be then, especially if their gassy?!.

Other than the little packages their leaving, do they seem ok?
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Yes, they do seem okay, they just run around and eat like piggies, they never looked so fine!lol
Although they do not seem too gassy anymore...so I wondered what else it might be.
Thanks for you help again! you are very kind.
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