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If you read my thread you would know that Opal was having some green/yellow discharge and I think her waters broke on my bed 24 hours ago,last night she was up and down,she normally just sleeps with me but she was walking around all night,this morning she had more discharge but I stopped seeing contractions.

I called the vets just to be on the safe side,and he said he would advise me on the phone for free Discharge is normal he says,something to do with the waters around the placenta? I didnt feel any kitten movement at all this morning,he told me to give it to the afternoon and take her in if I dont feel them,I just felt one move,not as active as they have been but she is now huge and her belly is a rock,so Im guessing they do not have to have any room to move as much now.

He said he thinks it will be today or tomorrow which suprised me because I thought they could discharge up to a week,she just jumped of the bed,her butt went into the air and I saw her back squeeze together for a few seconds,so I think she is now contracting again

I am soooo scared,I hope you guys will be off and on for the next two days