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They don't get along

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Ever since we brought home our new kitten.(in July) Our older cat, Jasmine isn't happy about it. Chloe, (the baby) chases and wants to play w/ Jasmine. But all Jazz does is growl, hiss and slap at her. I really thought that after a couple months everyone would get along, but that hasn't happened yet. Will they always be this way or do I need to do something to help them get along?
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Did you introduce them to each other right away? Usually the best bet is to put the newcomer in another room away from the resident kitty, and then gradually by switching bedding and letting them sniff at each other under the door and stuff they will adjust to each other easier. You may want to just take the younger one and put her in a room away from Jasmine, and a few days later, take the bedding out of the kitty room and put it somewhere that Jasmine can investigate it and smell it, lay on it, whatever. Another trick is to take a piece of bedding (I use soft rags) and once I know the kitty has her smell on it, I take the rag and place it under the feed tray of my other cats so while they feed, they can smell the new one. Then, after the new one has been isolated, it is transfered to the hospitality cage in our front room where the others can come in and get over their nonsense of spitting hissing, swatting growling, all the normal stuff that goes on when new cats come together, but since newbie is in the cage, it can't get hurt. After about a week, I open up the cage door and the new one is accepted into the colony. That is just what I do, others will have other helpful ideas I am sure. Good luck!

Also if you do put the kitty in a room, feed her close to the door while it is closed, and feed jasmine on the other side of the door, that will help as well
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