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When did you realize that your kitten was a cat?

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Well, with Socrates it was more gradual and I didn't even realize he had grown up. Perhaps because he's the eldest son it wasn't a sudden realization. I just said "wow, your getting big"...."Well, your kitten days are about over"..."OK, your a cat now".

But my baby son (whose fatter than the eldest) I will always see him as a kitten. I had just moved out from living with my roommate and gotten my own apt. The week before Tiger still had his kitten face and was in what I call the Katten stage. Well, one day during the first week in my new apt. in 1999 I looked at Tiger and his tummy pooch was dangling more noticably and I said "Tiger, your getting fat!" and he looked up at me and said "Meow". And as I looked at his face I realized that he had completely lost his kitten look and I exclaimed (rather loudly I might add) "Oh my God, your no longer a kitten, your a cat!"...Of course, this was followed by me saying "Awwwwwwww, my baby has grown up" followed by a hug to which he firmly protested at the moment. Yep! He's a cat now!

I'll have to scan some kitten pics of them too and post them.
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Merlin is my youngest....and he is almost 6 months old now...but he is still a kitty....I don't want him to grow up. I like him being a kitten. But oh well....it happens.
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I really just never know..I have a 4 year old who has acted like a cat since he was 3 months old, then I have a few who think they are kittens at 3 years. Then there is the actual kittens..
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I think Fergus is still a kitten, even though he is (we think) 8 months old. His face is so little, and he is so small still. I think he must have been the runt!

He is just so adorable!
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I think my Maggie is "stuck" in kitty hood. She's almost 6 months and is still pretty tiny--her face is the same size it was when she was only 3 months! She was probably the runt of her litter. It's kind of fun to have her still so small. I've heard that cats aren't full grown until 1 0r 2 years old. Is that true?
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With some breeds, the cats reach their final size only at 3-4 years.

Mishmish was acting grown up ever since Gezer arrived (when she was 4 months old). Gezer is still a baby really (okay, a big baby - the size that has trouble going through the cat flap... )
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