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Hey everyone....I am Cierra and I am the proud owner of Manny....hes a special cat....we dont know what breed he is.....his mom was a stray.....we dont know exactly what she is....she has a long body, short hair, and shes mostly white with black spots but she has like 1 brown spot. we dont know who the dad is....he has a short body and long black and gray hair....he kinda looks like a leopard or something with gray and black instead of gold and black......he was the smallest of the litter and now hes the biggest. what luck huh? in the litter there were 3 black/gray striped/spotted kittens, 1 gray kitten and a calico looking kitten. what are the chances of that happening.....he also has a distinctive M between his eyes....thats where we got his "M" name from....its actually a long story how he got Manny.... we thought he was a girl at first so we named him Mindy....and another male Mork....so it was Mork and Mindy....cute right? lol.....well a couple of weeks later we found out that "Mindy" wasnt a "mindy"! so we changed it to Manny....it sounds like Mindy so he doesnt get confused....I will try to get a pic of him up.....there might be one on his web page....i think hes adorable.
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Hello Cierra, welcome to the site
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Welcome to TCS. My Nanas siamese is called Mork!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
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welcome Cierra,
I enjoyed reading your story about little Mork and Min...er...Manny. Very cute!
Manny reminds me of the movie Ice Age, hehehe. Mork and Manny are still cute and just as cute as Mork and Mindy would have been.

Post often and share pics, welcome to the family!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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hello! and welcome, i've been away and am just now catching back up with everyone...i hope you enjoy it here!
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That kitten is so cute!!...Wellingtonscats
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welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the fantistic trio!
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Hello and welcome!!!

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Welcome and nice to meet you.
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Hi Cierra and Manny. Welcome to TCS! Manny has a web page? Did he design it himself? What a smart little kitty! What is the web address for the site?
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