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Help! My cat viciously attacked me last night!!!

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I have had my cat for 5 years now & have had cats all my life. This has NEVER happened to me before & I don't know what to do. Rugger is normally a very very affectionate, lovey cat but last night he attacked me. He attached himself to my leg, scratched me in 8 places enough to bleed profusely and bit my calf & punctured the skin in 4 places, very deeply. I was bleeding all over the place & completely freaked out.
The only reasons I can think of: we have been getting my house ready for an appraisal for the past week & have been cleaning, painting & rearranging. We normally don't spend much time on the 3rd floor but I went up there last night to straighten up & mop the floor. The first time I went in there, Rugger followed me in & as I bent down, hissed and growled at me! That has never happened before and I thought it was odd, but just figured he was freaked out & went about my business. About an hour later, I went back into that room in order to mop the floor. Rugger again followed me in there and just as I began mopping, he attacked me! I screamed and he ran away and hid as I bled all over the place.
He is a neutered male so obviously there aren't any kittens there... what happened? What should I do? Do I need to eake him to the vet? Or should I have him put down? Should I give him away???? I still love the little stinker but now I don't trust him either. About an hour after the attacke, he was completely normal & wanted to sleep with us. I locked him out because I was too shaken, but this morning he was completely normal, rubbing against me, sitting in my lap purring, etc etc...
Can someone help me?????
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I don't know what may be causing this problem but I would like to say Please, please don't have this poor guy put down. It may be a medical problem, cats have no way of verbalizing when they are ill, and often 'tell' us in the form of behavior changes that they aren't feeling 'up to par'. I think it definitely wouldn't hurt to take him to be checked out by a competent Vet. If he isn't feeling well, it may be making him cranky. I'm no expert by far, but I'd hate to see you give up on this little guy.
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Thank you for your reply. I have been getting progressively calmer about this as the hours go by (though last night I was shaking and crying for over an hour - I finally took a Xanax so that I could calm down) and I'm not going to put him down. I just need some reassurance that he hasn't gone completely nutso and after last night I am actually a little afraid of him. I'm making a vet appointment for him and a doctor's appointment for me (the puncture wounds are still oozing - sorry if that is TMI). My husband thinks that he was just terrified and confused by all of the activities around the house for the past few days. I'm starting to think that there is a mouse or something in that room...
Anyway, you're right - I'm not giving up on him. I adore that knucklehead and once I figure out what happened I'll forgive him fully.
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I'm so glad you're getting him checked by the Vet. It may be that your husband is right and he was just freaked out by all the new things going on around him. I'm sure it must have been a very upseting experience I think its a good idea for you to see a doctor too, have you had a tetnis shot lately? Good luck with your Furbaby
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I agree with your husband that your poor kitty was probably overwhelmed by all of the activity. But, I also agree with Melissa, that it is probably a good idea to take him to the vet just in case.

Also...please take yourself to a bites become wickedly infected very quickly. You will likely need antibiotics and a tetinus shot.

Good luck!
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Is he an inside kitty? Inside/outside kitty? Are his shots current, and if he does go outside is it possible he tangled with another cat and has a wound somewhere you can't see at the moment? And is that the only thing he is doing attacking you? Can you pet him without him crying, does he act off in any other way? Eating and drinking okay? His ears okay- sometimes ear mites make kittys go nutso for a bit till they clear up.
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Cats are very funny animals. They don't like any kind of change or disruption. It could be that with everything going on, all the noise and stuff, they're stressed out. If you can, try and put them in a quiet room that you will not be working on, with their litterbox, food, water, some toys and soft music, if possible. It sounds like stress to me, and only temporary.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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That would frighten me too, especially with a cat you've had for 5 years.

You said you rarely go to the third floor...does he have access to that floor? Maybe he thinks of that area as "his" and was letting you know?

I am by no means as knowledgeable as many others here...but I would consider this.

I hope everything turns out allright for you all.
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I think a trip to the vet wouldn't hurt,just to make sure it isn't a medical problem, but I really think from what you described that he was just upset. Shortly after we moved here, I picked up my 20 lb. baby to comfort him during a storm and he got me in a head lock, bit my ear, and proceeded to smack me several times on both sides of my head. He has always been a very gentle kitty other than that. He checked out fine, and the vet said it was probably just a case of nerves. Please don't give up on him over this. I know it was scary and probably made you mad, but I really think he was just reacting to strange circumstances. Maybe if you have any more work to do on your house, you should confine him to one area so he can't see it. The strange new smells are probably sensory overload for him. My sister had a similar episode when she put down new carpet. Her cat hid on the top of the refrigerator and jumped on her head. He has never done anything like that before or since. Please give him at least a little time before you make a decision on this. If he is normally gentle and has no medical problems, I really think this was an isolated incident. I hope this helps you and good luck!
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Thank you all so much for the concern & advice!
Rugger has been completely normal since "The Incident". He lets me pet him, sits on my lap & purrs, sleeps with us & begs for morning love all as usual.

Hissy - he is an indoor kitty and has always been (we live in the middle of the city - too many cars & stuff for outdoor kitties!). He is also up-to-date on all of his shots.

We haven't done any work on the house since "The Incident" so I think you're all right - just a case of stress for him.

I went to the doctor & got a Tetnus shot & anti-biotics & am healing up just fine. No infection or anything (thank goodness!). Rugger is going to the vet today.

I have to admit that I am still a little afraid of him... isn't that awful? I think the fear will fade in time though - and I am definitely taking your advice - next time we do any renovating, Rugger will have to be shut in our bedroom.

Thanks again everyone!

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You've gotten a lot of good advice here, so I feel OK going off on a tangent now...

Rugger is my dad's favourite name. He tried to name both his children and several pets Rugger, but was always vetoed by my mom and other family members. He has managed to get a few Ruggers out there, though. He adopted a charity teddy bear that the police use with children who are around when they respond to a crime, and he named that Rugger, and last year for Christmas he built Rugger the birch-log reindeer for his front lawn. Any squirrels, birds or rabbits that show up in his yard are promptly christened Rugger, but he was thwarted again recently when he and my mom got a new cat, who was named Storm, since she travelled 6 hours home from the breeder's in the last hurricane of the season this fall.

On a related note, I was visiting my parents recently, and while I was sleeping, Storm got up on my bed and clamped her tiny jaws onto my nose... what a way to be woken up! Nothing compared to your experience, but startling nonetheless...
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I can't believe it JulieB! Most people like the name but I've never heard anyone else use it!
So how did he come up with Rugger?
As I explained on the "New Cats" thread, When I got Rugger I was playing Flanker on Temple University's Women's Rugby team & his coloring (grey mask & back, white underside & legs) looked like our uniforms - hence the name. I had also considered "Nudge" & "Mr. Underfoot" but Rugger seemed to fit him, so there you are.

He also goes by the names : The Fish, The Ruggerfish, The Ruggershark, Knucklehead, Vincent Von Rugger, and Vincenzo Ruggerio.

I'm interested to hear about his "Rugger" obsession!
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Any news about Rugger? What did the vet say?

I just wanted to add that sometimes stress and illness go together. So, even if you can identify a definite source of stress, it doesn't rule out medical problems. Sometimes people who have a cat with a litter box problem are sure the cat is reacting to some major change in his/her life that they can clearly identify. Very often, the stress of change is to blame but more indirectly. The stress weakens the cat's immune system and make them more susceptible to FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), which then causes the cat to go outside the box.

Also, although your fear is undertandable, remember that cats often attack out of their own fear of you. Some cats can sense the fear in a person, get agitated and then attack, simply because they fear that person will attack them first. So, watch out for your boady language and try your best to stay calm and relaxed around your cat.
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Well, the Fish went to the vet on Tuesday. Dr. C (the vet, whom I asolutely adore) checked him over, pronounced him healthy (but 3lbs overweight) and basically said what everyone else has told me. He was stressed by all of the activity, furniature moving, etc & reacted out of fear. She also suggested that I clean that room out & look for something else that he may have been defending.

Good news. And also, Rugger and I have completely forgiven each other now. He slept on my chest last night with his face about 1/2 inch from mine, purring away contentedly.

Thanks all for your concern!
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Isn't it great that kitties don't hold grudges?

Now, if I could only manage to be 3 pounds overweight! I'd be ecstatic!

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Hmmm.. in reading all of this I wanted to relate a similar experience. I left my cat (who I had bottled fed because he was abandoned when he was only a few days old) with my parents for a few days while I went out of town. After a few days being back in our home, he started being very aggressive. He would literally hunt me down by hiding in one of the rooms down the hallway and when I would walk by, he would jump out, attatch himself to my leg and bite and kick me and then let go and run off. Other times he would follow me around and corner me, all the while hissing and fluffing up. If I tried to get out of the corner, he would attack me. Another thing he would do that was freaky is that he would stand up on a chair with his paws over the back part of the chair and just stare at me if I was working in the kitchen. I actually have a picture of him doing this and he really looks like pyscho cat! Once, on a rare moment when he was being nice, I picked him up and was holding him and he was purring away and being sweet. All of a sudden, he turns, bites my ear (would have been my face if I didn't react in time) scratches my neck and banks of me and runs off! I still have the scars on my chest to this day! This behavior continued for months and months and I took him to the vet and they could not find anything wrong and he was current on all shots. I was literally a prisoner in my own home- the cat constantly attacked me. I did, unfortunately have to get rid of him. I have had many cats and never had to give one up before and that was a hard thing to do Especially since I bottled fed him and would wake up several times in the middle of the night for the first month to feed him- just like a baby! He was my baby but I just don't know what happened!
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i have experienced a similar attack. My cat stays indoors. One normal day, i went to his area that he stays in. I groomed him as usual and recplaced his food and litter as usual. I bent down to pick up the trash I collected and all of a sudden he hissed, then growled and in a blink of an eye started scratching and biting. I ran away outdoors and he started running behind me and scratching and biting more and more. I ended up locking him in his room and bleeding so much. From that day he acts normal with everyone else but the moment he sees me he comes and wants to attack me the same way fiercly. I am really sad because I am attached and its been a long time. this is so wierd. I am frustrated and shaken badly.

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It' comforting to know that we're not the only ones. I found Spanky in the street under our car,age 2 mos'   I spoil my animals, We have another cat  that is 3 years older. He was loving slept on my pillow , my husband works nights all day spanky would sleep with him ,share my recliner our best friend , my other cat just didn't have anything to do with him but once a day they would play then there was a cat at the bay window  i yelled go away and shut the window , it set the cat off he tried to attack my other cat and then me. Months later my husband watched a scary move a noise set him to attack my husband. We we're out of town my daughter that use too hug kiss on him  came to feed them on the second day tried to attack her, then my granddaughter (different day) up to fri. my brother inlaw, I tried to grab him to stop the attack he got me. he calmed down till morning slept with me  then got aggressive with my husband. He was examined in aug said he's fine. I love him so much  but he's in dog pound 10 days confinement he got me good then he'll go nite nite fri. I can't sleep, eat, I hate myself but I'm scared of him, I don't think I have nerve enough to try to take him to a specialist plus test takes days I'd have to have him home. Then who knows they may not find the prob. and I'd be in debt,(i'm retired) But I'm so sick to my stomich and I miss him so

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I forgot to say spanky is now 8 my other cat is 11, I tried calmatives wall plug spraying my yard so animals would not come around. But he was

getting worse as time went on . 

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Originally Posted by ruggersmom View Post


I can't believe it JulieB! Most people like the name but I've never heard anyone else use it

So how did he come up with Rugger?

As I explained on the "New Cats" thread, When I got Rugger I was playing Flanker on Temple University's Women's Rugby team & his coloring (grey mask & back, white underside & legs) looked like our uniforms - hence the name. I had also considered "Nudge" & "Mr. Underfoot" but Rugger seemed to fit him, so there you are

He also goes by the names : The Fish, The Ruggerfish, The Ruggershark, Knucklehead, Vincent Von Rugger, and Vincenzo Ruggerio.

I'm interested to hear about his "Rugger" obsession!

you could of course called him hooker! Just being silly? Are you a rugby family? My ex played, my son and daughter played and now two grandchildren are playing.
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I realize that this post is very old, but I'm writing this mainly for the benefit of people searching for info now, who can still gain insight from the posts. I adopted a little black kitten, named him Boo, slept with him, sat him on the kitchen island when I was in there because he had to be where I was, reached into toilet water to retrieve him when he tried to jump onto the bathroom sink to be close to me while I brushed my teeth and fell in, cuddled with him all night while he laid on his back in the bend of my arm when I found out he had pneumonia; this was MY BABY!!!! I had him for 4 years  and I told people that he was the perfect cat for me!!! When I wanted him to go to bed with me and I had my CPAP machine on my face , I only had to make a "hm-hm" noise in the same tone as I spoke his name (Boo-Boo) and he would jump up and sleep all night with me. If I took a nap, he was automatically attached to my stomach the moment I layed down. I loved him soooo much, and I miss him every day. I was getting ready to move out, and was working hard, alone with Boo-Boo, every moment that I was awake and not at work. I was about to quit for the night, exhausted, and I decided to do one last thing. I brought the giant  trash can inside in order to clean it thoroughly after I had disinfected it outdoors. I was cleaning away, with Boo lying on his side, relaxing, just about a foot away from my own feet. (He always had to be with me, and I loved it.) He decided to get up and smell the outside of the can. I saw him doing so, but I turned around to grab something, and he suddenly attacked me. He bit into the inside portion of my leg, next to my knee, and he HUNG ON! I was moving my leg, tryong to shake him off; he just dug in. I picked up a paper and began hitting him with it to try to scare him off of me and he just dug in, still HANGING by his teeth. It was very painful and when my efforts did not work, I said a one of those very urgent prayers, and he let loose. But he was only a few feet away and still visibly upset. He tried coming at me again and I backed up from the kitchen to the doorway of the living room, where the vacuum sat, already plugged in. I knew he was afraid of it , so I turned it on, and cahsed him down the hall with it so I could shut him in another room. I knew he would need food and water and a litter box , so I stocked one of the bathrooms, and then opened the door to the attached bedroom in order to chase him inot the bathroom, where he would have access to everything he would need. He tried charging at me several times, coming at me from in between the mattress and box spring, which were propped against the wall. I had the vacuum, so I help my end of the mattress and box spring together, then started the vacuum again which sent him into the bathroom and I followed the vacuum, hiding behind it, and shut him in.  Every time I would go near that bathroom door, I would talk to him and try to calm him and see how he was, He just hissed and growled at me. Finally, my brother in law came over to get him out about 3 days later. (He still had an abundance of food, water, everything he needed since I had put a lot in there.) My brother in law talked to him, petted him, picked him up, and sat him on the front step. He was strictly an inside cat, so we assumed he would stay near the steps while I finished packing since I was  down to the last couple of days in the house. We couldn't give him away, not knowing if he would attack someone, and if we took him to the shelter it would either be the same thing, or they would kill him, and I did not know what on Earth to do. Next morning I went in the front yard and he popped around the corner acting normal and even let me pet him. Then when I "woke up" and realized it wasn't safe to pet him, he started growling and trying to come at me again!  I called my family but nobody would come over to hrlp me thsi time. I mad eit to my car, and I pulled u as close to him as I could and blared the horn til he ran away so I could run back into the house. That was it for me; my own safety came first. I moved out and he stayed there. BUt the next day I felt bad so I drove an hour , and set a live trap to try to catch him to keep him contained til I could figure out what to do with him. But I caught a raccoon instead. I looked around outside for him. No sign. I couldn't keep taking two-hour round trip hikes out there to check a trap every day so I  decided to let him go and hope for the best, At least he would have a chance at a life outdoors there (in a rural area) albeit probably a short one, given the stray dogs and the fact that he was declawed. (I know, it's a horrible thing. All 4 paws. But how was I to know he would attack me over something he smelled on that trash can? (Probably another male cat.) I recalled one other time that he had acted strangely aggressive. It was when I brought a broom inside that was one I normally left outdoors. That time, he smelled it, ran away, and hissed but when I spoke to him, he calmed down quickly and was normal again. It has been about 7 years now, and I miss that baby every day of my life. I adopted another cat, and I love her. But she is not Boo. I have not declawed her; I use those claw covers. I have had many cats, and usually more than one at a time, since I was about 4, and I am 52. I never had anything like this happen before, and I wish I had had time to figure out what to do , but I had to move. Other people were waiting to move in. Given more time, I think I would have made a different decision, but I was under so much stress and I just didn't know what to do! I know that he had to have smelled another cat in both instances and took it out on the only live thing there: me. I still have scars on my leg from his teeth piercing through by probably 1/2" in some places. But I wish I had my baby Boo back the way he was before this all happened.

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I hope I can find my way back here, because I want to write about my experience, which was similar to yours (Staci Powers) but I still have the cat.  The attack just happened last Sunday. I just took my last antibiotic.  I have had cats all my life and this has never happened.  I am afraid, but love the cat so much. She is the only one who has slept with me in 10 years. I also use a Cpap and she likes to jump on it during the day, and turns it on. I've been covering it with a towel, but she still manages to do it sometimes. I will write about the attack later. I want to make sure you are still here and that someone is reading...

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Yes, I'm here and I'm very interested in hearing your story. I am sad when I think about Boo every day, and it has been about 5 years. He and I were very compatible. I have another cat now, but she is no Boo. She is sweet but extremely independent and only wants me to pet her when SHE wants to be pet, so you can't really get that close to her. I keep wondering if there was a way that I could have kept him, or if he would ever have acted like that again, but being I could not handle him, I don't see how. I hope your situation ends better.



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Originally Posted by ruggersmom View Post
He attached himself to my leg, scratched me in 8 places enough to bleed profusely and bit my calf & punctured the skin in 4 places, very deeply. I was bleeding all over the place & completely freaked out.

The first thing you need to do is get those deep punctures attended to by a Doctor IMMEDIATELY.  Cat bites are very dangerous.  Even if your cat is an inside cat, still, their close together teeth harbour bacteria which are effectively injected deep into you with a deep bite.  Please attend to this right away.  A relative nearly lost half her arm after a redirected aggression bite when she broke up a cat fight and was badly bitten and did not have it looked at right away.  She also had to take time off work to attend to her arm when it got extremely swollen and then she did finally go to Doctor.  At the very least you need a tetanus shot.


I think your cat is stressed by the acitivities going on in your house.  I wouldn't get rid of him but I would be very careful till this episode of massive cleaning ends.  When you go to the Doctor the cat may have to be quarantined whether he is up to date on his rabies shot or not.  That's what would happen where I live, other places may have different rules.  Here if you can safely quarantine at home you may.


ETA:  I now see this thread is very old but I will leave my comments.  Cat bites can be extremely dangerous to people.

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I'm not sure if Cissy's exact age, but I think she is pushing 2. She was a rescue from some people who neglected her, but I don't think they physically abused her, but guess they may have. She is the most loving cat I have ever had and this weird behavior did not start until about a month ago. I have had her for almost a year. She has been spayed and had all of her shots,etc. 

 My bed is on lifters and I use a little stool to get in bed.   I am short! I do not know what happened for sure....This was about 2 weeks ago. Cissy may have been on the stool, which would explain what happened next. I slide down  (I had on socks, which I usually don't) missing the stool and my butt hit the floor and the stool moved.  I had just seen Cissy on the floor near the bed.  She had slept with me, as usual. The next thing I knew, she was attacking me. I kept calling her name and telling her to stop, but she was in full attack mode, and hissing.  I couldn't get away from her, and blood was dripping everywhere. It was very traumatic.  I reached behind me and pulled my spread off to wrap around me. I was afraid she would bite my legs or face. She bit me several more times before DUH, I wrapped the spread around HER and stuffed her in a crate.  She immediately seemed like a different cat.  I had to put some clothes on and get help. I knew I was going to have to go to the hospital.  The bites were so bad that they actually used stitches, but my Dr took them out a few days ago because he said they needed to drain.

Backing up to a week earlier, she did something I thought was weird and it scared me bad.  I was in my bedroom sitting on my bed and watching tv. Cissy likes to perch on my dresser and look out the window and sleep. All at once she stood up, eyes huge and her tail buffed up She started to come down and had one paw still on a letter box, and one paw on the dresser. She wasn't staring directly at me, but sort of towards me. I swear it freaked me out. I thought  maybe there is a cat on the front porch, or maybe a snake got in.  I am up to 6 on my snake count-all in the back yard except for one.  Then it hit me that she appeared to be staring at the curtains behind me, which were being blown by the fan.  I have that fan on all the time, but not usually turned in that direction. I decided that she thought something was behind there and she was in attack mode, in case something came at her. I got up and moved the fan.  The curtains stopped moving, and she curled up and went to sleep. Who knows...?

There is a more recent incident.  I was in my room and she was out in the hallway.  I had been going through magazines and had been just tossing them on the floor. I had planned to gather them up and take them to the recycle bin when I got a stack.  I was still on antibiotics and the diarrhea struck. I went fast and slid on those magazines! I sort of laughed and looked at Cissy and said "Now don't come attack me because I didn't fall." In less than a second, she jumped on my back and bit me there and on both legs. These were nothing like the serious ones I went to ER with, but I did end up having to go to the Dr. a few days ago.  Last night, I sat on the stool beside my bed and she came and put one of her paws on my back, but she wasn't all buffed up,etc. I quickly got up and gave her a treat. There is some sort of trigger, and I wish I knew what it was. I do not want to have her put to sleep, but she may force me to if she attacks me again. 

In  the meanwhile, the vet put her on Phenobarbital (1/2 twice daily) but I wish he had prescribed the liquid form.  He said it would take a week to see if it made a difference.  I'm not sure if it has or not.  She still goes on her 5 min rampages, where she runs around and around in my room, knocking things everywhere. Of course he pupils are huge when she does this. In about 5 min, she's back to her normal self. I have had cats who easily become over-stimulated, and I am careful to stop rubbing her head when she acts like she is going to bite.  She will not let me rub below her head, burt doesn't seem to have any injuries.  When I went to hospital after the first attack, they  had to call the animal control people and a man had to come by and see her rabies info,etc. He said this was not uncommon and that inside cats do attack their owners frequently, but I have sure never heard of it. 

I really can't afford to take her for an MRI,etc. which I've been told is the only way to tell if there is brain damage.  From what I have read about seizures, her "rampages" aren't that, but maybe they are.  She goes on one maybe half a dozen times in a 24 hour period. She also has started jumping on my night stand and knocks things off. I finally started squirting her with a water bottle. She stops immediately, but then comes right back! She also jumps on my Cpap and turns it on.  I have had to wrap a lot of cords up in electrical tape, because she chews on them. She will eat paper (Pica?) and plastic if I don't stop her. She has all kinds of toys and I do play with her, but playing usually sets her off for a rampage. I have had cats all my life, but never one like this.

Sorry this is so long!  Any suggestions appreciated!

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You are 100% correct. Sometimes the bites get infected despite the antibiotics.  The animal control guy did make me promise to keep her for at least 10- days, and she is inside only.  But I have considered having her put to sleep. I don't like to think about that, but I don't want to be mauled again!  Yesterday, the man closed her case. He had to come see her twice. She is the only cat who has slept with me in many years. It will devastate me if I have to give her up. 

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I have been reading about this, but everything doesn't fit:  Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

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Originally Posted by karenrhyne View Post

I have been reading about this, but everything doesn't fit:  Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

When you mentioned "rampages", I immediately thought of Feline Hyperesthesia, but usually playing with them will STOP an attack, not bring one on :sigh:, AND, I've never heard of a cat with FHS actually attacking their owner.  Not sure if the two are related or not. 


All the cat attacks in this entire thread are just so odd.  I wish there was an answer for why this happens and how to stop it, but not sure there is frown.gif

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Your house has a 3rd floor.
You seldom go up there.

Rugger freaks out when he goes up there.


Am I the only one thinking it?

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I hope someone will have an answer. I called my vet today, but he is off. There are 3 other vets, but they don't know Cissy.  


I am trying to figure out how to change my email on here to the one I have on my phone. I'm not sure I can type that well from my phone, either....but I do emails from there.


I just came to my pc and Cissy followed me and her pupils are huge. They seem to stay huge most of the time, so it's hard to know when a rampage is going to happen.

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