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Frisky Cats

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I have two adorable lovable kitties named Barkley and Petunia who love nothing more than finding ways to entertain themselves late at night!! They have one game where they chase each other around the house at rapid speeds, at times knocking any and everything over in their respective paths just to get away from the other one, we call this game Kentucky Derby. As much as I love seeing them do this for it is really quite amusing, my question to all my fellow feline owners and lovers is this. What ways have you found to quiet your cat or cats down at night so that you, the owner, can get a peaceful and restful nights sleep? Their vet has suggested feeding them right before I go to bed, I tried that, doesnt work. Their vet has also suggested vigorous nighttime play right before bed, good try, didnt work either. Barkley is the younger of the two so he naturally has more energy and is always on the go, no matter what time of day or night. I would just like to have one night's rest, because 5am comes around awfully quick!!
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My cats have their own bedroom. They have everything they need in there - food, water, beds, toys etc. The door is open during the day, when they run all about the house. They now know the routine, 11pm means wet food and time for bed.
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Same here. I'm fortunate to have a spare bedroom, which was converted into the cats' room. They have everything in there they need to spend the night. And I leave the window blinds open so they can look out. The know my schedule. They're very quiet after I go to bed and don't make any noise until I get out of bed in the morning. Then they start scratching at the door for their breakfast!!
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Wow! That's really nice that your kitties get a room of their own. No such thing here. I don't have an answer other than to play with them a lot and feed them thing, which you said didn't work. I'm not sure what you play but maybe some good chase and fetch games right before bed, to tucker them out. I guess for now, as this was all I could do, was cat proof as much as possible, close your bedroom door so you can hopefully get some sleep. I know when my cats were younger they played pretty hard at night, got me up quite early, but did eventually settled down. Maturity and routines settled them very well. I'm sure others may have some better answers. Good luck!
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