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Radio question of the day: 06/14/05

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How do you like to eat peanut butter?
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The question should DON'T you like to eat peanut butter? And my answer would be...gee, I don't know. I'm obsessed with peanut butter.
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On pancakes w/lots a syrup!!! But that is more how I like to eat my pancakes. I like peanut butter on crackers
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Super chunky on toast.
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In a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich on honey wheat bread.
Or just on a spoon.
PB is yum!!!
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Classic PB & J samich.
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I'm not a HUGE fan of PB, but the classic PB&J is good for a change -- or in peanut butter cookies, of course.
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Yum....with vanilla ice cream!
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with bread!!! or soda cokies...
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One of my staples - PB&J!!! That or on toast.

Funny thing is, for years I hated the stuff; I ate so much of it as a kid I didn't want to touch the stuff. Then a couple of times a year I'd get a weird craving for it, and now I have it all the time!!
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I was living off of PB&J at Adrian's house last month.... My favorite is Peanut Butter, Jelly & Fluff in a Waffle sandwich... Or, Peanut Butter and Ice cream on a waffle... mmmmmmm
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
Classic PB & J samich.
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Ooooh, I could eat Peanut Butter right out of the jar, and often do. I like it just alone on bread, no jelly please. I also enjoy peanut butter on a toasted waffle. Yummy!
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Yummm! My favorite would be on whole wheat bread with honey and sometimes banana. Off the spoon works very nicely as well!
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by itself... on bread... grilled PB & J sandwiches... On about anything.... YUMMY YUMMY
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I don't like peanut butter. Or any nut for that matter. Nor do I like chocolate or caramel. The girls at work think I'm from another planet. But don't mind because then it's just more for them. hehe
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I love Peanut butter! Dripping from Vogels is the best!
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rolled into little balls coated with powdered sugar and dipped in melting chocolate...then put in the frige.....ohhhhhh man yummy
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