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A riddle......anyone know?

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Just wanted to see if anyone would get this..... I do have the answer but I wanna see your guesses first!!

When asked this riddle,
80% of kindergarten kids got the answer,
compared to 17% of Stanford seniors:
What is greater than God,

More evil than the devil,

The poor have it,

The rich need it,

And if you eat it, you'll die?

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well I have been sitting here for the last 30 minutes reading this over and over again and thinking...think like a kid and I came up with......a big fat NOTHING

It is probably something really really easy but my brain is obviously far to cluttered...I am going to go away and think about it some more and see if I can work it out!
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I think the answer is "nothing"

Nothing is greater than God
Nothing is more evil than the Devil
The poor have nothing
The rich need nothing
If you eat Nothing you'll die
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...makes sense to me...of course, little else does, but...

Bod, where are ya? Do we have a winner? What does she win?

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I'll take a nice little siamese kitty with a red bow around her neck Nothing serious....
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Hey Melissa...you can have Rudy! :laughing2

Oh wait...you said a NICE little Siamese kitty...

j/k...he's a love, but right now he's climbing my bare leg at the thigh!

Good guessing there girl...that was a tough one!
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I'll take him! I keep hoping maybe Hubby will surprise me with a new little bundle of fur under the tree this year...like thats going to happen He thinks, for some strange reason, that only 5 kitties is enough! When will he ever learn
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:LOL: Yeah, Scott thought I'd gone mad when I said I was keeping one of Cagneys litter! He said I had enough cats already (he has 2) and my place was too small....oh please!
C'mon now...I only had 2..and I really Neeeeeded (insert whiny voice here) a little boy kitty to balance (almost) the girl/boy ratio!

He adores Rudy now...calls him the Rudy Fruity or just Fruitman...and says I was right, theres plenty of room! :laughing2

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Yup!!! Melissa!! Your were 100% correct!!! cool eh?!! ha ha ha....
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