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Car Rides

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My cat is so fussy when it comes to car rides. I think he hates the combination of the cat carrier and the car. Once in the car it only takes one minute before he starts meowing, which he does constantly. The only time he stops is when he is going to the bathroom in his cat carrier which is every 5 minutes!!! He is so messy by the time we arrive to the vet. I took him with me to my parents house twice and that was awful (30 min) ride... the constant meowing and the smell in the car after all his accidents was just great..

Is there anything i can do to make him stop?[IMG][/IMG]
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Well, I don't know, sorry. My longest trip with cats in the car was about three miles. The only thing I can think of to try is putting a towel or blanket over the carrier. That might give a more "secure" feeling. But it might not work with all cats, I'm guessing. Anybody else have any ideas?
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Stop taking him in cars and see if you can find a mobile vet service. They are popping up all around the country now.
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I think it's the motion of the car that drives my cat crazy. She's fine in the carrier and fine in the car--even with the engine running. But, once we start driving she starts yowling. (Interestingly, she was FINE on our long, cross country drive. After about a half hour she settled down and slept for the rest of the 12 hour trip!!)

I would suggest removing food several hours prior to going to the vet. That at least would take care of the mess...
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I think every cat is different. Bijou settles more when the car is moving than when we are stopped. Mika has no problem either way. Both cats are wonderful travellers. We started taking them for car rides when they were both kittens and they pretty much got used to it.

BTW - your cat is beautiful!
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Here's what I've read and intend to try soon: Start taking your cat in the car on trips that don't have a destination. Start out very, very short, around the block or so, and work up gradually. Give a treat after each trip.

I'm sure this doesn't work for all cats, but I think it's worth a shot. Good luck!
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I tried taking my cat for destinationless rides. I thought she might be associating the car with the vet. I had treats lined up and everything. It didn't help her. But, as we all know, every cat is different. That's why we like them! It's worth a try...

(And I wouldn't feed him before these short jaunts, either. ;>)
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Thanks everyone.

It's nice how cats have their own personalities. I think next time i will try covering his cat carrier.. and if that does not work then take him on shorter rides... and if that does not work i will just get in the cat carrier myself and let him drive

Sometimes i think he is just getting back at me for putting him in the cat carrier.

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Orei does the same thing. Try to have a leash on him, and put him in a comfortable chair. If you can, drive slowly. Talk to him the whole way.
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I am pretty lucky that way. I have been taking all my guys out to the car since they have been babies so they are use to it. They all whine a little bit but I find if I talk to them they are pretty good. Lacie on the other hand loves it.. from the day I brought her home until now she goes in the truck with us everywhere. The only thing we don't like is if we have to run into the store for a minute she looks so pittyful. This time of year where it is warmer we will not take her as much if we have to stop because its way to warm.
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