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This is ridiculous!

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Hi all,
I've been looking forward to our upcoming trip to Montana (leaving 6/19) for nearly a year, but am now wishing I didn't have to go. Why? Because I'll miss the cats! This happens every time I get ready to travel anywhere. I know it's only for a week, that they'll be well taken care of and this will be a fun, meaningful trip, but I can't help it. I'm so darned attached to them! I think what's making it even harder is that this will be my first time away from my sweet (not so little anymore) guy Pete.

Anyway, I'm sure you've all been through this to some extent, so please send some good vibes that I don't miss them too much and can really make the most of our trip. Should be a great experience and I can look forward to a warm welcome from the kitties when I get home!

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I'm sending vibes that missing your furbabies won't be too intense and that you will have a wonderful time on your trip. Just remember when you get home you will be showered with sandpaper kisses and headbutts.
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Have a nice time!!
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I just am so thankful that I am not the only one who really dreads traveling because of the cats ... *grin* The last time we went on a vacation as a family was exactly 7 years ago and I cried the whole first three days we were gone! I called my petsitter for an update on the fourth day and learned everything was fine so that made me feel better - but I haven't left again in all that time.

Now, my husband is taking me to Las Vegas for our upcoming wedding anniversary (it is only for 4 days, but I am still not liking the fact I have to leave the cats) and I just know that unless I call in to my petsitter DAILY I won't have a good time.
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I went to Lanzarotte for christmas in 2003 for a week. I just had Rosie then, and i can't tell you how many times i thought about her during the day

I must have been the only one on the flight home that was excited in getting back, and i was at the cattery before it opened at 9.a.m the following day to pick her up
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I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel!!!!!!!!!!!1 I always DREAD leaving my furbabies for vacations or business trips EVEN when I have great petsitters..

I am very paranoid and always think of all the "what if's.."... I have paged my poor petsitters on a daily basis demanding a daily and DETAILED report on all my kids and I couldn't rest till I heard back from them..

You are not alone in having a hard time leaving furkids.. Sending you "enjoy your trip" vibes! Keep us posted..
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The only way we get to see Rob's Mum is to go to her, so we do several times a year, for anything from 1 to 4 days. If we're gone more than one night, Rob's son comes in and tends the cats' needs, physical and emotional. They are always fine. And I am always a mess. What can I say? Intellectually -- "Go! Have a great time! They'll be fine! Don't give it another thought!" Yeah, sure! Easier said than done.

Do have a good time, though!
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I don't think it's ridiculous to miss your cats. It's purrrrrfectly normal!!
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Oh, Eilcon, welcome to the club!! I have done "turn-around" trips of over 600 miles, round-trip, in 24 hrs. so as not to leave my crew for more than one night! And that is with them staying at my parents, with my youngest daughter. Even with neighbors around to check up on things, I worry about wildfires & landslides on our property, so the cats have to go to Grandma's (they actually like it there, my dad is a real cat fanatic and after my mom & her dog go to bed, the cats are given free rein in the house. Plus, my dad saves them choice morsels of freshly cooked chicken in addition to junk-food cat treats). Have fun in Montana - it should be gorgeous! And let us know how the cats react when you get home (JC pretends I'm invisible, inaudible & 'unfeelable?' when I get home, until he suddenly forgives me & gives me a head-butt followed by LOUD purrs, licks, rubs, etc.)
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
...And let us know how the cats react when you get home (JC pretends I'm invisible, inaudible & 'unfeelable?' when I get home, until he suddenly forgives me & gives me a head-butt followed by LOUD purrs, licks, rubs, etc.)
Oh, doesn't THAT sound familiar!! That's my Cindy -- Mum's girl.
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Yeah, same here. I know they'll be fine while I am away but still...Anyway, you can't help but miss them.
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eilcon, if you're passing thru Missoula and you just NEED a fix, I've got five furries here who would love to meet you and help calm your withdrawl symptoms PM me if you wanna stop by!
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Thanks everybody for understanding! Glad to know I'm not the only one
who experiences separation anxiety from the kitties. This morning I was thinking how can I go week without Gracie's kisses, hearing Katie's purr and seeing Pete's cute pink nose? I'll just keep reminding myself of the purrs and head butts that await me when I get home!

This is my last post before scrambling to finish things up at work, attending my niece's 5th B-day party, cutting the grass, cleaning the house, doing laundry, packing, etc... before heading off to Big Sky Country. That's the hardest part of taking a trip - getting everything done before it's time to go!

Thanks again for the good vibes. Take care!
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