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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Mine are mighty hunters, they stalk and kill all bugs.

Same with my kitters, they just love it when they find a spider!
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My kitty chatters at all bugs. If they are on the ceiling she will complain until we get it down.
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My Siamese Seal Point thinks bugs are playthings to chase and run after - she'd eat them if I'd let her, ughhhhhhhh!!
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My cats, I don't see any of them eating bugs very often.

Milly would just look at them and watch them. Maybe once in a while would swat at them if they were close enuf.

Tigger would just watch them..

Spooky i am not sure never see her do anything about bugs.

Minka, well, it depends on her mood, sometime she would go after them and hunt them. Sometime she is to lazy and comfortable and dun want to move after them.. But when she is outside, sometime she would go on the roof of our house (one floor house) and have a huge blast up there chasing bugs!!
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Summer chases, paws at, and kills. I haven't seen her eat any though....killing and making sure they are dead is enough for her. She especially likes flies and other flying bugs. Her favorite spot to do all of this is the livingroom window.
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I have a hunter and a player. Angelo will stalk, pounce, and then eat the bug. Alfie will bat at it until he gets bored. Might be due to an age difference. Angelo is five and Alfie's barely one.
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Daisy tried to catch a wasp once, it must have stung her on her paw, because she came running downstairs looking upset, then sat holding her paw up in the air. It soon swelled to three times its normal size, and she was very sorry for herself. By morning it had gone back to normal, and so had Daisy - still chasing bugs!

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With mine, Pume Pume will stare at it and sometimes make a funky noise, like a really quiet, yet vibrating meow. Almost like he's trying to whisper to it, saying "You're mine!" or something like that. lol He'll eventually chomp it down when he catches it.

Angel just attacks it. She shows no mercy. If it moves, and it's small, she'll chase it all night if she has to!

Spike and Lilly just play with the bugs. Angel usually gets the bugs before they get a chance to try and eat it.
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Oscar is too cute! One time he tried to catch a fly, it flew down and he smacked it with his paw and held it down as if to suffocate it. Then he would pick his paw up very slowly, like he's peeking to see if it's still there, and the fly flew out and he didn't realize it. So he kept his paw down and went to peek again and it was gone. Although one time he did this and did suffocate a fly! It's too funny to watch!
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Lukey & Rufus think that they are toys. They play with them till the bug dies of exaustion.
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Well, mine all enjoy hunting bugs, but I don't think it's anything to be concerned about if Milo doesn't - I don't blame him, bugs scare me, too!
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Fluffy loves bugs, especially flies. She tries to climb the walls to get to them. She catches them in her front paws and sits upright on her back legs to eat them. It's cute but really gross.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
If it flutters, twitches, scurries, scampers, creeps, crawls, etc., then it is chased. in my household.

Same here, except Ricky will bring it and drop it on me ICK!!!! Ive will tear up everything until he can find it..
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mitts is our cockroack control board! This place is subtropical and there is no escaping the roach (and they grow HUGE and fly )

He loves to play, attack, and nibble. But he never finishes off the thing!
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Mine go nuts when they see a bug...if it flies, they jump on the walls, on the table, on the counter, off the furniture just trying to catch it...if it crawls, they tap and toss it until it's dead...if I'm there to witness it all, I take it away from them because most of the time they eat it. Yuck!!
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Reading about all of these adventures with bugs reminds me of my dear Petunia. She loved to hunt bugs. We had a huge invasion of miller moths one year and every morning, there were these grey streaks down the wall.

She didn't like ants though. Came home one day to see her watching a line of ants walking across the living room. She didn't touch a one of them.

The funniest thing she ever did was to catch a spider. It must have tickled her so she shook her paw and the spider went straight down the heat vent. She had the cutest, most confused look on her face . Kept checking the vent for the next couple of days looking for that spider.
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Lilo s them. She will either eat them or just play with them till they die.

Garfield ALWAYS eats them!! Except flies!! I dont know what it is about flies but he will only kill them and leave them for me to discard.

Now the kittens, (Spicey,Spot & Dot, Petals, Chance, Nina) take after uncle Garfield already. They will eat any bug killed. (They are 6 weeks old today)
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Wow, I can't believe I got so many great responses!!

Well I've confirmed that Pixie is still a bug eater extraordinaire. There was a little gnat flying around yesterday. Very, very annoying of course. Well all of a sudden it was gone and I see Pix kinda shaking her head like something was bothering her. Well I guess that little gnat didn't taste quite as good as she thought it would, lol. I looked at her and asked her if she ate the buggy and she licked her paw and let out a huge meow.
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I saw Boris the other day, looking at something VERY intently outside the window. Well, it turned out to be a large toad in the driveway. Had I took him out on his leash and harness, he would have had a nice toad snack
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat
I saw Boris the other day, looking at something VERY intently outside the window. Well, it turned out to be a large toad in the driveway. Had I took him out on his leash and harness, he would have had a nice toad snack
THAT would have been messy.
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