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Introductions going slowly and well........

Vader and Wink

Vader's crash pad

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Awwww So cute.. Love the puppy sleeping AWWWWW
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Vader is a very handsome little fellow. His slightly wary expression suggests that he's learning who's boss.
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how cute is that! lol wish my two would be less hyper active around the kitties!
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Vader is such a handsome little guy. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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Awww, cute puppy Vader is.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Vader is a very handsome little fellow. His slightly wary expression suggests that he's learning who's boss.
We have shown him from the beginning that Alpha here is us, not the animals, and certainly not him. To his credit, he has only gone after the cats a few times, and not aggressively more like "Hey get back and play with me!" But the problem is he snaps at their tail. So we have taught him NO CHASE and he knows to back away from the cats even when they approach him. I am amazed daily at how truly intelligent this puppy is- far beyond any other german shepherd we have had. He is also turning red now- which is really cool! His dad is pure white and his mom is sable/black

Vader's dad
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That is one seriously sacked out puppy! Such a pretty boy!
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Nice to see Wink seems to have the upper hand in that relationship! Lol! They usually do!
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I'm glad to hear your puppy is getting along (for the most part) with the cats. When I was growing up, my family had a German Shepherd and she was a smart cookie. She learned new commands very fast.

Here's a picture of the German Shepherd I had years ago.
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Oh my what a beauty! I know you miss her- thanks for sharing!
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Awwww, Hissy, I am in LOVE with that pup! What a cutie-patootie!
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i noticed that his dad taz is white, so is it his mom that is sable and black? or is it a typo?
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Mary Anne, in that link is that Vader's dad? because you said his Mum was the pure white one?

Anyway, he is so beautiful - he brings tears to my eyes thinking of my RB GS Soul.
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He is such a cutie!
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Oops thanks guys- sleep would be a wonderful thing right now- It was a goof on my part-
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WOW, Taz is GORgeous!! No wonder he has a handsome son.

Heidi was a lovely girl, too. Thanks for sharing, MissCharlotte!
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MA he's going to be one handsome boy when he grows up
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He takes his job as pinecone collector quite seriously!

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-cute photos Mary Anne! I'm glad Vader is learning how to get along well with others.
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Vader, you're such a cute little boy!
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Oh look at his paddling pool!!! I bet he loves that!
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I can't wait to see pictures of him when his ears start standing up. I love it when one ear is up, and the other is down, and then the next day it's reversed. I love German Shepherds.

I miss my beautiful Liebe Luise. She was a black and verry light tan Shepherd. Her father was a white shepherd as well, and her mother was a regular black and tan. Liebe's tan parts were a beautiful creme colour. She was such a beauty and such a wonderful dog.
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Is this how I play tug?

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Awe. It looks like they're playing together!!
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Awe he is such a cute dog!!! Beautiful pics
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How cute Who won?
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Aw I just love that last picture.

A lady who breeds German Shepards has just joined our cat club. I'm tempted! but it can't be a puppy.
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Awww brilliant picture of the two of them, and it's so great that their all getting along!
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