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"Reverse" Introductions - HELP!

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Hi all...new here! I have a sort of reverse situation I need some help with. I have a 4-month old male kitten (Finn) at home who I've had since he was 8-weeks old. He's very playful and super affectionate. Recently, I took in my mom's 4-year-old female cat (Slider). I've read up on introducing kittens to existing adult cats in the home, but not the reverse. Finn has not exhibited any alpha tendencies and seems to merely want to play with the older cat who of course wants little to do with him (also, she is accustomed to being the alpha kitty). Slider is not eating much (although she has only been with me a few days) and when I let her out of her room all she does is hide under the bed but then cries when I put her back in her room. Finn will try to play but only gets hissed and swatted at which has him somewhat confused and then he sticks to me like glue! Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated. (I should mention that Slider is very attached to my mom but had to "move out" because she was getting too territorial with my parents' dogs. She has a sister and has never had any trouble being in a multicat household.)
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It doesn't matter the age of the cats involved, the introductions should be done slowly and gradually so there is minimum stress and upset on all parties involved-including you. The best way is to keep a screen door between the two. That way they can smell each other, see each other and you can gauge on the reactions they are giving when best to "accidentally" leave the door open for the first real meeting.
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Hopefully they can learn to get along! This morning Slider had her paws sticking out from under the door which Finn took to mean playtime and I didn't hear any hissing or growling so that's positive. I'm just afraid that Slider is miserable in her room as it's not very large. Unfortunately I don't have a way to separate them by a screen door either.
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You can use baby gates, you can either stack them one on the other or put them up vertically in the doorway not horizontally-
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Thanks, Hissy! I have one baby gate from when I first got Finn and can get another if necessary.
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You are welcome just a warning- make sure the kitten cannot get his head through the slats on the gate. Depending on what style you have, you could have a nasty accident if the kitten works his way through it. You can stretch a piece of cheesecloth across the portion that the kitten can reach to keep his head out of a dangerous area and still allow the cats to see and scent each other- Gauze works too-

Good luck!
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