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New Allergies?!

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I've had Aramis for 10 years now, and she's always slept either curled in my arms, or on my pillow with no problems. Now, in the past two or three weeks, when I wake up in the morning (after cuddling her), my eyes are puffy, my nose is running and I'm having problems breathing (just until I take a shower). Oliver also sleeps with me, but no problems with him. I know it's Aramis, because I had her sleep in the cat room for a couple of nights so I could see who it was.

I've never been allergic to cats before and I haven't done anything "shampooey" in a while. The only switch recently was from Science Diet to Iam's (SD really made Oliver lethal in the smelly department - gassiest cat I ever had!).

Could switching her food have something to do with it, or am I just becoming allergic to her? (Is it possible to be allergic to just one cat?)

Any help would be fantastic as hubby got laid off the week we signed on our new house, so no money for a vet (unless an emergency of course), or a doctor since we lost our healthcare coverage...

Thanks so much! :confused3

(Aramis, Padme, and Oliver)
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My best guess would be that it's something that she has gotten into, or the new food is making her shed a little more. I would try giving her a bath in an allergen reducing shampoo first. If that doesn't help,you may try another food.
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